Ranchers of Early Douglas County
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October 31: Cherokee Ranch & Castle presents It’s A Mad, Mad Ball!

November 7: Douglas County Libraries presents No Silent Night: The Christmas Battle For Bastogne

November 8: Parker Genealogical Society presents Castle Garden: New York Immigrant Receiving Station 1855-1890

November 8: BeatRoots …Atmospheric Folk-Rock and Award-Winning Irish Cuisine at Cherokee Castle

November 8: Douglas County Libraries presents Lords of the Sky

November 11: DCVMF's Veterans Tribute at Freedom's Keeper

November 11: Parker Area Historical Society presents Veterans Tribute

November 13: Douglas County Libraries hosts Bob Easterly's By an Act of Congress

November 15: Cherokee Ranch & Castle presents Beatles Jazz

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Historic Douglas County, Inc. Mission:

The purpose of Historic Douglas County is to expand and enrich public awareness of Douglas County history through education and communication, and through support and coordination among local historical organizations and other related groups.


October is one of our unique months, always bringing beautiful colors to Douglas County. October is the gathering milestone of nature when all living things change and prepare, rushing to harvest the last bits of summer’s growth and storing it for winter’s use. Mother Nature certainly changed her attitude this year in Douglas County; it is hard to remember in modern times another time when our vegetation was as green as Douglas County at this summer’s close. October is a fun time of year to observe and experience all that Douglas County has to offer before winter seasonally changes our landscape. However, before we get into Autumn’s first full month, let me reflect a bit on history events’ summer’s close of summer in Douglas County. September was definitely busy …and, as speaking earlier of Mother Nature, was a month that gave us a small taste of cold and snow to whet our winter’s appetite!

September 2014 Activity CollageSeptember’s historical programs and activities literally seemed to range from “A” to “Z!” September began, history event-wise, with Roxborough Historical Society and Douglas County jointly conducting one of their educational tours of the Lamb Spring Archaeological Preserve. Roxborough Historical Society the followed Lamb Spring a couple of weeks later by giving tours of the Miksch-Helmer Homestead Cabin.PAHS History of Aviation

Parker Area Historical Society hosted a fascinating program on the History of Colorado Aviation and Highlands Ranch Historical Society turned back the clock with Lawrence Phipps III, Dr. Marvin Beeman and early Highlands Ranch residents providing a comparison program of hunt club information and hunting events, Then and Now: Early Residents and the Arapahoe Hunt Club …followed by the day after with one of the Society’s famous RTD tours, D-Day Normandy 1944. Castle Rock Historical Society and Museum take the prize for most activities during the month of September with a Dennis Potter presented program, Murder of Adolph Coors III …followed at the end of the month with a Heritage Walking and Biking Tour, a self-guided tour of St. Philip-in-the-Field Church and an evening dusk walk through Bear Canon Cemetery …the latter, replete with re-enactors. The Wildlife Experience lit the campfire at Lone Tree’s Schweiger Ranch with another of their Campfire Series at Schweiger Ranch. And, September was another of the entertaining months at Cherokee Ranch & Castle that was alight with sounds from three varied musical programs. Wow!

As I said in my opening paragraph, autumn is the time Douglas County harvests its fruits born of late spring’s planting and summer’s growth. The Larkspur Chamber of Commerce, the Town of Larkspur and the Larkspur Historical Society hosted the 2014 Larkspur Autumn Harvest and Craft Fest, a really fun event with 65 booths, music, food and family fun games …attended by some 2,000 folks. Colorado Agriculture Leadership Foundation (CALF) presented its annual Harvest Day Agricultural Festival in the Country at the ending September’s festival. And, the City of Lone Tree starts the month of October with its always well attended and fun and something for everyone with its Schweiger Ranch Fall Festival. Sedalia Tomato TastingThe Fall Festival at Schweiger Ranch is always heavily attended …and, I’m talking people, vendors, food, music, pumpkins, rides and tours of all the beautifully restored buildings on the ranch!

Rounding out September’s harvest celebrations, Sedalia Museum and Gardens held their Summer Closing Day and Fresh Tomato-Tasting. This event was the summer’s last open day of the museum and gave the public a chance to be the judge of the best tasting tomato that grows in the Sedalia area. If you are familiar with the gardens, you know that their plantings are test gardens for Colorado State University. Again, Wow …perhaps I ought to have said “A Big, Delicious Tomato Wow!”

October opens history event-wise with a proverbial “Bang” on Saturday, October 4! Three events roll onto the stage! Roxborough Area Historical Society and Douglas County again team-up by conducting another of their superb Lamb Spring Archaeological Preserve Tours. The City of Lone Tree holds their gala Schweiger Ranch Fall Festival, just mentioned above. And, following that event at Schweiger Ranch, the Wildlife Experience slips in at dusk and conducts the next to the last session of their Campfire Series at Schweiger Ranch; the last session of their Campfire Series will be October 24. If you are wondering about a October 4 potential scheduling conflict at Schweigher Ranch, the Fall Festival is from 10:00AM to 2:00PM. The Campfire Series is from 6:00PM to 8:00PM.

Cherokee Castle in OctoberIt is fall alt Cherokee Ranch & Ranch and autumn at the Cherokee Ranch & Castle is definitely a time when The Castle really rocks …both inside and outside! Inside, two musical events will be held …one with jazz guitarist Wes Montgomery and the second, It’s A Mad, Mad Ball! where you can dance with your partner to the music of Midlife Crisis. The Castle also presents the popular Antiques Revengeshow in October. Outdoors, there’s the popular hikes and elk bugling. For more information, check the Events Calendar.

Parker has a couple of superb events in October. On October 11, Parker Genealogical Society presents a fascinating program on Gathering and Sharing Stories Using Legacy Stories by Gordon Taylor and on October 14, Parker Area Historical Society hosts Author Dick Kreck providing a program based upon his book, Hell on Wheels …Wicked Towns Along the Union Pacific Railroad. As said, October is a month of “very good” programs and events.

ECM&HS MeetingThe big, all-history information providers event for Historic Douglas County, Inc. will be the Eastern Colorado Museums & Historical Societies’ (ECM&HS) Fall Meeting at the Pikes Peak Grange # 163 in Franktown. This meeting is being hosted by Parker Area Historical Society and HDC. This meeting involves the folks from the museums and historical societies from the original Douglas County and adjacent counties; hence, this meeting will have representatives from venues in Kit Carson, Lincoln, Elbert, El Paso and Arapahoe Counties as well as Douglas County. The ECM&HS group get together semi-annually for sharing ideas, event materials and great discussion of successes and even some things that were not quite so successful. It’s a great time for sharing among peers.

I apologize for my rambling, but September and October seem to be the year’s busiest history venue and event times. Before I sign-off, let me touch upon my view of sports in Colorado with my somewhat infamous Weglarz’s Wise Words …this is likely the only place you will see them; you won’t find them on ESPN or the NFL channel …I suppose “My Words are a bit too sophisticated for those folks!
ManningMallet and BellR.I.P. for the Rockies! …FINALLY – the Rockies season is over!!!!! 96 losses – came close to the ‘magic’ 100!!!! The Rockies set an all time low for road wins = 21 !!!! Pathetic !!! Will Dick Monfort make changes ??? WE certainly hope so, but keep Walt Weiss, he needs at least one more chance for a winning team.

Broncos 2014 are NOT for the faint of heart !!!! Week 1 = Colts almost down to the last minute ??? Week 2 = Chiefs almost down to the last second (Thank You Pot Roast for knocking down the 4th and goal pass)!!!! Week 3 = Broncos did a great job in the last minute …may have had a different result if Broncos had started overtime with the ball. The Seattle game won’t stomp them out but is an ego buster!Broncos – BYE week in week #4, that’s not good, 13 more games in the regular season. One of our players (Sanders) has a very good idea, using weeks 8 & 9 – give 50% of the teams a BYE week then, this early in the season is ridiculous!!!! When the Broncos resume, they get one of the undefeated teams, the 3 – 0 Arizona Cardinals. How about those SD Chargers – those (2) games this year will be very difficult!!!!

AVS pre-season has not been good from a wins perspective, but its pre-season. I think Roy and the AVS will be just fine, too many really good, young kids !!! Nuggets play in the difficult Western Conference, it might take 48 wins to make the playoffs. In the Eastern Conference 1-2 teams will get in with 41 wins or less!!! LET THE GAMES BEGIN!!!

Jim Weglarz

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