July 23: Highlands Ranch Historical Society conducts a tour to the Buffalo Bill Grave and Museum

July 26: Heritage Walking and Biking Tours

July 26: Cherokee Ranch & Castle hosts The Bluzinators Hepcats Swingin’ Horns Jumpin’ Blues

August 1: Local County Artist Dawson James at Cherokee Ranch & Castle

August 2: Lamb Spring Archaeological Preserve Tour

August 2: Return of the Rocky Mountain Chautauqua at Palmer Lake

August 8: Cherokee Ranch & Castle presents Dueling Pianos – 4 Grands / 8 Hands

August 9: Parker Genealogical Society presents Early Eastern Migration

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The purpose of Historic Douglas County is to expand and enrich public awareness of Douglas County history through education and communication, and through support and coordination among local historical organizations and other related groups.


Welcome folks to July in Douglas County! Like our July temperatures that really begin to get hot, so do our history events in the County and surrounding areas! I will say that as far as the historical events and tours are concerned, July will need to go a good way up the scale to boil over this past month; June was filled with all sorts of events, activities and tours. Let’s take a look at the month past.

June kicked-off, so to speak. with Larkspur Historical Society teaming with the Larkspur Chamber of Commerce putting-on Spring into Summer, a gala affair held at Larkspur’s beautiful park area. Larkspur Historical Society hosted a Mountain Men Rendezvous, replete with black powder 50s and tomahawk throwing. “Darn, was that Jim Bridger and Kit Carson I just saw?” Larkspur also did a tour for their members of the magnificent Shamrock Ranch and its Ponderosa pine giants! Roxborough Area Historical Society and Douglas County did one of the educational tours of the archaeological preserve and treasure of Lamb Spring …”luckily, no one was trampled by any of the surviving wooly mammoths!” …then, Roxborough Area Historical Society followed the Lamb Spring event by hosting an Attila Denes program, “A History of Douglas County Law Enforcement (1859 – 2014).

Castle Rock Historical Society provided a fascinating and educational program by Rex Evilsizer, Fifty-five Years of Railroading. Castle Rock Historical Society (CRHS) had a busy June …after their trolley tour that ended the last day in May, CRHS started their famous walking and biking tours …and then, a tour of the Historic Hammar House with music and refreshments in the garden! Parker Area Historic Society participated in mid-June’s Parker Days Festival …that annual event always draws crowds by the thousands.

Highlands Ranch Historical Society hosted a program on the Denver Mint with Mint speakers addressing 1858 Gold Discovery, Early Denver, Gold Dust, Clark & Gruber and Current Mint Production. Then Highlands Ranch Historical Society (HRHS) put the whipped cream on their Denver Mint Program by conducting a Denver Mint Walking Tour on June 24. Wait until you check our July’s HDC Events Calendar to see what HRHS is doing in July!

Cherokee Ranch and Castle filled June with music. There’s not enough room to mention all of the musical performances. Suffice it is to say that the Castle started with Pan Nation, delivered some doo wop with The 17th Avenue Allstars and blew out the month with Blarney at the Castle feature the Denver Brass and the Celtic Colorado Pipes and Drums! Well, I could go on and on …but, let’s take a quick glance at what July has to offer.

As I said earlier, “July gets hot …not only for temperatures but historical events as well!” Here’s a bit of a glance at July from its beginning on through the month. But, don’t rely on my briefness, check out our Events Calendar periodically …for additional information; all sorts of activities get added during the month.

The Wildlife Experience kicks off the month on July 3 with its Campfire Series at Schweiger Ranch …keep your eye on this series; it’s monthly and goes into fall. Okay, July is opened and now, as they used to say with the wagon trains, “Let’s get rollin’!Parker Area Historical Society (PAHS) starts the month with their Annual Chuckwagon Dinner at Moore Ranch …this is a sensation of sight and the palate! Then, PAHS follows with a second crowd-pleaser, Parker Annual Downtown Walking Tour! Castle Rock Historical Society conscripts one of their members and museum staffer, Jim Hansman, in a fascinating education and bit of reverse time-travel about Castle Rock’s old Civilian Conservation Camp …don’t know what I’m talking about? Well, check it out! Oh yes, Castle Rock Historical Society is also doing one of their famous Downtown Walking and Biking Tours.

Up in the northeastern part of the County, Roxborough Area Historical Society is providing tours of the historic Miksch-Helmer Homestead Cabin. Douglas County is also doing a July tour of the Lamb Spring Archaeological Preserve. Highlands Ranch Historical Society (HRHS) is doing one of their “double-bangers!” HRHS leads with a stimulating program, The Buffalo Bill Experience (July 21) and then follows two days later (July 23) with a tour …Buffalo Bill Grave and Museum! Wow!

Now don’t forget about the Sedalia Museum and Gardens; they are open throughout the summer …Saturdays, 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM and on Wednesdays, 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM. And, down the road (Highway 105) from Sedalia at the Historic St. Phillip-in-the-Field, Juni Fisher, captivating award winning singer/songwriter will be doing a concert on July 13.

Music?” you say? Well, that underlines the headliners at Cherokee Ranch & Castle! No, I am not going to go through each of the musical events that are being held at the Castle in July. The folks at the Castle have seven (7) of them …yes, seven different musical productions …with that spread, I am quite sure that one of the productions will fit your musical genre taste. Wow! Check out theEvents Calendar to see which musical programs you want to attend.

If you still are aching for more events, I recommend heading south of the border …the Douglas County border that is …to El Paso County. Palmer Lake is doing Stories You Might Likely Have Heard and there’s an Intertribal Powwow going on! Check this website’s Events Calendar for times and places.

I have another suggestion! With the cost of travel skyrocketing this year for various places across this great United States and beyond, stay in Colorado! Check out our Plains neighboring Counties to the east, Elbert, Lincoln and Kit Carson. They have an Our Journey package that is really spectacular …B&Bs, museums, antique haunts, tea rooms, National and State Registered sites, “Off the Beaten Trail places and much more! Check out Our Journey. You’ll love it.

Well, can I ramble or what?” I had better wrap-up this message before you hit the “Shut Down” button! Just let me add a couple of select comments, as usual, about our Colorado professional sports teams …then, I’ll be gone.

At this point, I will focus my brief, pointed comments on the Colorado team that is the most non-professional at the moment, the Colorado Rockies (I used to say “our” instead of the). You may recall I was thrilled when Walt Weiss took over and thought he might be the right medicine to cure the patient. After all this time and a stellar start to the 2014 season, the Rockies are not yet at the bottom of the division but, folks, they are on their death bed …again in 2014. I now believe the Rockies organization, or lack thereof, needs to go if the Rockies are ever to contend. The Monforts, O’Doud, Weiss …possibly, even Jim Wright, the pitching coach, need to go …although the latter wouldn’t likely wouldn’t help the current rotation. Folks, I’m bummed about the Rockies; how much lower can they go. Come on Denver Broncos; I can’t wait until they get started again. Training camp starts on July 23 and then the news will be all about the Broncos …hopefully, easing the pain of Rockies. Congrats to the Avs! They took a truck load of trophies from the NHL.

The best to you in July,
Jim Weglarz

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