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2016 Book-Calendar Cover and TagReleased at the Douglas County Fair on August 7, the 2016 Historic Book-Calendar is now available for a limited amount of time online. Read about it and place your order at 2016 Book-Calendar.


September 4: Highlands Ranch Historical Society’s Castle Rock Trolley Tour and Museum
September 8: Parker Area Historical Society presents Personal History Keeping
September 10: Castle Rock Historical Society hosts a program on Colorado Historic Newspapers
September 12: Sedalia Museum and Gardens Tomato Tasting at Sedalia
September 12: Cherry Creek Valley Historical Society's Open House at 17 Mile House
September 12: Historic Estemere Estate Tour conducted by Palmer Lake Historical Society
September 12: Country Concert & Dance by the Cactus Jack Band at Pike Peaks Grange #163

Cherokee Ranch & Castle Events and Special Teas

For programs, concerts, teas and tours at Cherokee Castle, go to their the Castle website at http://cherokeeranch.org and check their Events page.

ALSO ..don't forget to check the Around the West to find events outside of Douglas County.

Where Do You Think You Are?

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The purpose of Historic Douglas County is to expand and enrich public awareness of Douglas County history through education and communication, and through support and coordination among local historical organizations and other related groups.


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August 2015 HDC HeaderIt is August in Douglas County! And, there truly isn’t anything comparable in the world! August is Fair and Rodeo time in Douglas County, Colorado! August’s first week (August 1 through 9) finds the Douglas County Fairgrounds a buzzing. August 1 through 5 is the time for all the local activities associated with the Fair and locals shine by competing with their homemade, homegrown wares, foods, vegetables, quilts, and much, much more. August 6 through August 9 are the days packed with all sorts of Rodeo, Music, Exhibits, Livestock and, yes, Midway events. If you live in Douglas or the surrounding counties, you cannot miss the Douglas County Fair and Rodeo!

Before we skyrocket into August in Douglas County, let’s reflect a moment on July’s whirlwind historical events and activities. If you attended any of the historical events or activities in July in or around DouglasJuly 2015 Event Collage for History in Douglas County County, you will likely see a glimpse of it in the banner collage above. As advertised with the highly touted Prego Spaghetti Sauce, “It’s in there!

Everyone celebrates Independence Day, but nobody celebrates it like Sedalia and Elbert County at Kiowa. These communities celebrated the number one patriotic day the old fashioned way and truly kicked the month of July off with a bang! Colorado Agriculture Leadership Foundation (CALF) closed the month of July with connecting people to agriculture in their 2015 Legend of Agriculture Award Dinner, this year honoring Douglas County Young Farmers & Homemakers. And, filling the wide gap between July 4 and July 31 was a plethora of great events, educational programs and celebrations of our area’s great history and pioneering culture!

WDYTYA Larks & HighlandsLarkspur and Highlands Ranch both held their individual regions’ WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU ARE? events co-sponsored by the Douglas County Libraries’ History Research Center and Historic Douglas County, Inc. Both events were well attended and excellently done. Castle Rock Historical Society presented a program about the History of Lockheed Martin and Roxborough Area Historical Society provided an insightful look into the famous Mountain Jeannie. Parker Area Historical Society really out did themselves with the Moore Ranch Chuckwagon Dinner coupled with a Bailey Phelps program, Tales of Tribal Nations. Highlands Ranch Historical Society hosted Dr. Jeff Broome’s Cheyenne War: Indian Raids on the Roads to Denver, 1864-1869 and, down south of the border (Douglas County’s border, that is), Palmer Lake Historical Society provided a great, educational program about Four Navy Ships Named USS Colorado. Now if you were more into tours, Castle Rock Historical Society and Museum hosted another of their famous and very well-done Historic Castle Rock Heritage Walking Tour while Larkspur Historical Society toured the Red Gate Ranch (Historic Lincoln Ranch) in the bucolic Spring Valley area of Douglas County …the Lincoln Ranch being also known for Jotham Lincoln, the last white man killed by Indians in Douglas County. You can see a picture, a collection of brief scenes of the tour at Red Gate Ranch on HDC’s Picture Galleries page. There were also a couple of really neat venues to attend in July. Palmer Lake Historical Society and One Nation Walking co-sponsored the 7th Annual Colorado Springs Native American Intertribal Festival and Traditional Powwow and, up north, Cherry Creek Valley Historical Society sponsored an Open House at 17 Mile House. Important milestones were reached in July as well; there is now a new Castle Rock Chapter of the National Society of the Daughters of the American Revolution and a new 1965 Flood Exhibit in the Castle Rock Museum! You can check out both of these happenings in short news articles on these events on HDC’s News Page on this website. Not to be outdone by July, HERE COMES AUGUST…

You thought July was something special? Well, hold on to your boots folks! August rocks! Two big events rocket us into summer’s stratosphere, the Douglas County Fair and Rodeo and Palmer Lakes Historical Society’s Return of Chautaugua. Both of these events are stellar. Return of ChautauguaDC Fair & Rodeo and Chautauqua 2015 literally starts the roll through the month on August 1st, featuring such notables as Teddy Roosevelt, free ice cream and music and that every popular Colorado group Legendary Ladies. As said earlier, 2015 is the year that Douglas County Fair and Rodeo really rocks. The public packed portion of the Fair and Rodeo runs August 6, 2015 through August 9, 2015. The local events associated with the Douglas County Fair run August 1 through 5, 2015. Check all of the details at the D. C. Fair and Rodeo Website or pick-up one of the Fair and Rodeo catalogs at one of Castle Rock’s sponsors of the Fair …look for the hand-painted signs in the windows.

In the Beginning, A Whole Different Kind of Animal from HDCThe Douglas County Fair and Rodeo is really special for Historic Douglas County, Inc. (HDC) this year. At the Fair HDC will introduce to the public its 2016 Historic Douglas County Book-Calendar …we refer to the book-calendar as “A whole different kind of animal!” At first glance the book-calendar may look a bit like our HDC themed calendars of years past. But, once you get past the cover, it roars, relating the history of Douglas County from “In the Beginning to 1870. The book-calendar is a document of which HDC is very proud. The book-calendar is a great educational piece and the first in a series of book-calendars that will tell the story of Douglas County over the next few years; each year’s book-calender addressing the next era of the County’s rich historical growth. As said, “The book-calendar is a whole different kind of animal!” If you, for some strange reason, miss the the Douglas County Fair and Rodeo, the calendar will be available through this website after its introduction at the Fair.

I’ve talked about the Douglas County Fair and Rodeo and the Return of Chautaugua starting the month of August rolling. There is one more event during the first and second week of August! Cherry Creek Valley Historical Society is hosting an Open House at 17 Mile House and Farm Park off of Parker Road north of Parker. Neat place! And, a place for the whole family.

Ute PrayerDuring the third week of August, there are three programs you might want to catch. On August 10, Palmer Lake Historical Society hosts Author John Anderson providing a great program, The Mystery of the Trees, revealing the stories behind the Ute Prayer Trees. Doris McCraw as Helen Hunt JacksonOn August 13, Castle Rock Historical Society presents Helen Hunt Jackson …Actress, Writer, and Instructor Doris McCraw does an outstanding job with this unique role of this lady that was very important in Colorado and Douglas County’s history. The third program of the third month of August is a three-banger by Douglas County Libraries, Marching to Secession & War …the Origins of the American Civil War. Marching to Secession & WarThis is a “Three-banger” because it is presented three times at three separate Douglas County Libraries venues: Castle Rock (August 11), Lone Tree (August 13) and Highlands Ranch (August 14). Check the Events Calendar for more information.

I mentioned Palmer Lake Historical Society’s program on the Ute Prayer Trees …well, the society follows-up with another tree program during the fourth week of August, The Monument Tree Nursery. This program is a captivating program about the nursery that developed seeds for the National Forest Service for the five National Forest Regions. The Evolution of Scams - Barbara Martin-WorleyAlso, during the fourth week of August, Highlands Ranch Historical Society hosts Director of Consumer Protection, Barbara Martin-Worley, speaking on The Evolution of Scams. Wow! …from the early years of the Flim-Flam Man to the Internet! Castle Rock Historical Society and Museum on August 22 leads another of its Historic Castle Rock Heritage Walking Tour. If you haven’t been on one of these tours, you will find it easy-going and very educational. Castle Rock is extremely rich in historic structures and history shaping icons.

Parker Quest August 29, 2015Rounding out the fifth week of August on Saturday, August 29, the Town of Parker, Parker Area Historical Society, Parker Parks and Recreation, Parker Arts and Douglas County Libraries presents Parker Quest – 2015. Parker Quest is always fun and features fun and activity for the whole family. Also on August 29, the fifth in the widely acclaimed series, Where Do You Think You Are will be held in Sedalia at the Sedalia Firehouse. If you live in or around the Sedalia area, you must attend this session to learn all about Sedalia’s long and exciting history. Both these events, Parker and Sedalia, are FREE to the public.

Now, as I’ve said many times before, events and activities get added to the calendar as time progresses during the month. To keep up with all of the activity, please continue to check our HDC Event Calendar. And remember, In the Beginning, HDC’s historical book-calendar for 2016, is being introduced at the Douglas County Fair. If you are interested and excited by Douglas County history, you need to get one of these book-calendars …the beginning of Douglas County’s history …Nothing Like It in the World!
Weglarz's Wise Words
Believe it or not, more than half the year (2015) is over! Time flies! If you have not heard that we’re ending summer, a couple of our Colorado ski areas will begin making SNOW in less than 60 days! Oh, my goodness …as if we won’t receive enough of the white stuff early enough to get the cash registers ringing!

THE COLORADO ROCKIES:Currently (i.e., at the end of July), the Rocks are 43 – 56; doing the math, this statistic converts into 70 – 92 by seasons end …another whopping losing season for the Colorado Rockies! TulowitzkiThe BIG news the last week of July was the blockbuster trade that sent Tulo to Toronto for an aging, overpriced shortstop and three young pitching prospects. We will not know the ultimate outcome of that trade for maybe another year or so. “If” the young arms turn into decent pitchers, this trade will look good. “If” the young arms don’t pan-out well, then it’s, at least, a “Salary-dump” since the Rockies were on the hook for $100 million due to Tulowitzki over the next 5 years – “Dats a lot of cabbage!” The whole issue is a wait and see. I’m amazed by the number of people who still go to Rockies games (I’m NOT one of them)! The “Word on the street” says that a lot of the people go for socializing and a couple of beers …with a lot of them leave by the fifth inning? Wonder if it will ever come to pass that the Rockies will be relevant…

THE DENVER BRONCOS: Training Camp began in earnest on Friday, July 31st. Thank God! Denver is in dire need of a REAL sports team! This upcoming season will be very interesting: much older QB, questions on the offensive line, “new” coach (but a very good one), “key” defensive lineman suspended for first 4 games (Wolfe), Demarius Thomasbest receiver in more than a decade has a “new” long term, many numbers contract, both offensive and defensive coordinators are “new”, and some talented rookies. Forgive my running, crashing into itself sentence structure. But, that’s hard to say in one breath. My prediction for the Broncos’ season: 11-5; they’ll make the playoffs and take their chances. All said and qualified with a maybe…
THE COLORADO AVALANCHE: The scuttlebutt has been fairly quiet; let’s wait until they start skating…

THE DENVER NUGGETS: Some interesting dealing that might go down in history to be a GREAT draft pick (new 19 year old point guard) and getting Houston to take the “How much more trouble can I get in” old point guard, Ty Lawson. Professional sports are cruel, but one thing that you learn, if a player is just a mess off the court / field, it will eventually surface when they are playing. Let’s hope that Lawson gets some professional help before he ends up in some jail!
The Nuggets play in the “Stacked” Western Conference …of which it might take 50 wins to get a playoff spot versus a mere 40-41 wins in the Eastern Conference. The Nuggets have a new coach, and some very good players; let’s see what happens at the Pepsi Center!

The CU Buffs and the CSU Rams: it is way too early to know anything, but Coach McIntyre in Boulder could be on the “HOT” seat with another lackluster season…
Golf, and this is merely an Editorial Comment: “For those of us with some interest in golf, Tiger Woods is DONE, FINISHED, etc. GO YOUNG TURKS …McIlroy, Speith, Day, and many more. It’s good for the game!

Jim Weglarz

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