Ranchers of Early Douglas County
It's was introduced at the Douglas County Fair and we have some still available for you to order your 2015 Douglas County Historic Calendar! Ranchers of Early Douglas County is a truly unique, limited-quantity, collector’s calendar, celebrating the early, pioneering ranchers that contributed to the cultural and economic foundation of Douglas County’s twentieth century agricultural industry. This calendar is a "MUST HAVE" To order, go to: Order Calendar.


September 20: Sedalia Museum & Gardens' Summer Closing Day and Fresh Tomato-Tasting

September 20: Roxborough Historical Society conducts Miksch-Helmer Homestead Cabin Tours

September 27: CALF's Harvest Day Agricultural Festival in the Country

September 27: Castle Rock Historical Society & Museum conducts Castle Rock Heritage Walking and Biking Tours

September 27: Castle Rock Historical Society's A First Time Dusk Walking Tour of Bear Canon Cemetery

September 27: Cherokee Ranch & Castle presents Marcia Ragonetti: A Salute to Irving Berlin

October 4: Roxborough Area Historical Society and Douglas County host Lamb Spring Archaeological Preserve Tour

October 4: The City of Lone Tree hosts Schweiger Ranch Fall Festival

October 4: The Wildlife Experience presents Campfire Series at Schweiger Ranch

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The third production run of Douglas County Historic Coverlet is available through this website. This is a beautiful coverlet in deep navy blue, commemorating the unforgettable historic structures of Douglas County. The coverlet can be purchased at Coverlet Ordering.

Historic Douglas County, Inc. Mission:

The purpose of Historic Douglas County is to expand and enrich public awareness of Douglas County history through education and communication, and through support and coordination among local historical organizations and other related groups.


Where has 2014 Gone? We all have our own answer for that question …but, if you are like Historic Douglas County, Inc. (HDC), we’ve been busy! And, July and August were premier months for our busy-ness. Now it is September and we are coming into the Fall stretch. Time-wise, Douglas County officially crosses the Autumnal Equinox at 8:29 PM Mountain Daylight Time on Monday, September 22. Then, history event names begin sporting modifiers …like Autumn, Fall or Harvest. But, before we “Fall into Fall,” let’s recap what happened in August.

The signature point of August in Douglas County is the Douglas County Fair and Rodeo. 2014 was no exception. Thousands of attendees descended upon Douglas County’s Fairgrounds for the four days of the fair and rodeo. HDC sponsored the History Booth again this year (We’ve been doing so every year since our 2009 inception). Participating at the booth through August 8 through August 10 were the Douglas County Historic Preservation Board, Roxborough Area Historical Society, Highlands Ranch Historical Society, Larkspur Historical Society, Castle Rock Historical Society and Musuem, the Smoky Hill Trail Chapter of the Daughters of the American Revolution, Sedalia Museum and Gardens and the Parker Area Historical Society. We all had a lot of fun and the fair and rodeo attendees displayed a lot of interest for Douglas County history. You can get a feel of what the History Booth was like this year by going to our brief Storyboard. I also want to bring to your attention that HDC introduced its 2015 Historic Douglas County Calendar, themed ”Ranchers of Early Douglas County” at the Douglas County Fair. You can order this commemorative, limited-edition calendar on this website …see the left sidebar or go to Calendar. Oh no, the Douglas County Fair and Rodeo was not the only thing happening in August! Let’s do a quick rundown of other historical events and activities…

Douglas County Conservancy and Douglas County Open Space and Natural Resources co-hosted Open Space Day at Prairie Canyon Ranch …it was a beautiful, sunny, warm day for the annual event. The Caste Rock Writers held a Release Party at the Phillip S. Miller Library introducing their newest book, CHRONICLES of DOUGLAS COUNTY COLORADO. I haven’t purchased and read this book yet, but I already know it is great …I base my opinion on the Castle Rock Writers’ first publication, A Photographic Journey. Oh my! There was a lot that happened, history-event speaking, in August. Parker Genealogical Society had a program by Diane Barbour, Early Eastern Migration. Roxborough Area Historical Society and Douglas County did another one of their superb Lamb Spring Archaeological Preserve Tour and Castle Rock Historical Society (CRHS) hosted The Hungate Massacre program by Dr. Jeff Broome …CRHS also conducted their walking and bike tours of Castle Rock in August. Sedalia Museum and Gardens held an Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social and Highlands Ranch Historical Society offered a fascinating Kurtis Kelly program, Lord Dunraven: Estes Park’s Dirty Scoundrel or Controversial Visionary? The Wildlife Experience hosted another of their Campfire Series at Schweiger Ranch and, entertainment-wise, Cherokee Ranch & Castle ran the musical gamut with Dawson JamesDueling PianosDotseroFlamenco Fantasy Theatre Dance Extravaganza …and, wound-up the month with their always popular for children musical program, Tiny Tots Love Music. Oh, did I mention that Parker Area Historical Society held a very educational program by Dr. Gordon Tucker, Life in Ancient Israel …Archaeological Excavations in Ashkelon. Down south of the border, Douglas County’s southern border that is, Palmer Lake Historical Society opened the month with their always heavily attended Return of the Rocky Mountain Chautauqua. Oh my! Are you ready for September?

September, like August, packs numerous historical events and activities as well. Roxborough Area Historical Society and Douglas County double-up for a Lamb Spring Archaeological Preserve Tour to open September and then Roxborough follows a couple weeks later by conducting tours of Miksch-Helmer Homestead Cabin. Larkspur Historical Society has a big “do” in the Larkspur Community Park with the Larkspur Chamber of Commerce on September 13, 2014 Larkspur Autumn Harvest and Craft Fest …Larkspur history, antique guns and even the sponsoring of a pie baking contest. If you are interested in showing off your baking skills, see the entry information with description on our Events Calendar. Parker Area Historical Society is hosting Lance Barber, History of Colorado Aviation and Sedalia Museum and Gardens is a must for a September visit.

The September events beat goes on! Highlands Ranch Historical Society (HRHS) is, as they say, “loaded for bear” in September. Their September program on September 15 features Lawrence Phipps III, Marvin Beeman and early area residents speaking on HR Then And Now, an interesting history of early Highlands Ranch and the Arapahoe Hunt Club …followed the next day by an IMAX, RTD tour, D-Day Normandy 1944. HRHS also is doing an historic scavenger hunt in Littleton …as I said, “loaded for bear.The Wildlife Experience has another Campfire Series at Schweiger Ranch. Castle Rock Historical Society, also “loaded for bear” in September is conducting another of its famous walking and biking tours of Castle Rock, an interesting Dennis Potter program, Murder of Adolph Coors III and, finishing the month (September 27) in conjunction with the Bear Canon Cemetery Association and the St. Philip-in-the-field Episcopal Church with a A First Time Dusk Walking Tour of Bear Canon Cemetery, replete with costumed re-enacters, led by Jerry and Mary Persall. Also finishing September is Colorado Agriculture Leadership Foundation’s (CALF’s) Harvest Day Agricultural Festival in the Country, another whole family, fun event which you can check out at Harvest Day!

If it is musical entertainment you are seeking in September, visit the beautiful, historic venue of Cherokee Ranch & Castle …check out the Events Calendar for all the Castle has to offer. And, folks, I’m thinking now that historic events in Douglas County during September may have even topped the two previous months!

I have certainly raved and rambled about how great September is going to be for historical related events and venues in Douglas County …now I need to say a few words about September being the opening of the season for our beloved Denver Broncos… After the result of Super Bowl XLVIII in New Jersey’s MetLife Stadium, this year the Broncos are “WIN SUPER BOWL OR BUST“!!! When I first saw the Broncos schedule, I thought it looked like 10-6 or maybe 11-5, at best. However, it appears Peyton Manning might be in the best shape of his life (his receivers are marveling at the increased velocity), and Elway and Company have stocked up the defense. My forecast is 13-3 with a SUPER BOWL WIN”!!! With any NFL season, the “wild card” is major injuries, but I think the Broncos may very well have the best overall team this year. Make your travel plans to Phoenix for February 1st!!! Now let’s pause and mention the Rockies… This season has been a disaster – NO starting pitching!!! Every “key” position player on extended DL (Cuddy, Tulo and now, Cargo)!!! I think Walt Weiss may need a long rest after this season. Both the Nuggets and Avs should be really competitive this season, but how far they will go is anyone’s guess. I can’t wait until the 3rd game for the Broncos versus (at) Seattle LET’S RUMBLE!!!

One more brief history-related comment… ”Ranchers of Early Douglas County”, our themed 2015 Historic Douglas County calendar is going fast. Folks, if you want to get a copy of this limited addition calendar, you are going to need to act quickly. Again, you can get this calendar through this website at Calendar. We’ll see you out in Douglas County in September.

Jim Weglarz

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