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The Indian Pony Tree Ornament is that special giftfor yourself or that close friend at Christmas time. Symbolic of the Indian Pony on the incredible Kit Carson Carousel, it will remind you again and again, year after year about the really special things and places in Colorado. To find out more information and order, go to: Ornament.


November 28: Palmer Lake Chili Dinner and Star Lighting
December 5: Open House at 17 Mile House
December 10: Castle Rock Historical Society presents World War I by Joe Clements

Cherokee Ranch & Castle Events and Special Teas

For programs, concerts, teas and tours at Cherokee Castle, go to their the Castle website at and check their Events page.

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In the Beginning
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November Header 2015 with JacksonIt’s November in Douglas County …the first full month of fall. Fall brings the delightful transition between the heat of summer and cold whiteness of winter. However, we’ll have to wait and see what November really does bring weather-wise. A good share of October seemed as if we were still in the middle of summer. The Farmers’ Almanac predicts a “Heavy winter” (moisture-wise) and a bit warmer than normal for Douglas County and Colorado …we’ll just have to wait and see.
October 215 Events (Nov Home Page Message)Event-wise, October, and much like September, was really jam-packed with activity. Highlands Ranch Metropolitan District opened October with Families, Farming & Fermentation, an historical tribute at the Big Cheese Ranch in Highlands Ranch. October was also filled with music. Highlands Ranch Historical Society (HRHS) opened with an RTD tour to the musical ”Buddy” …The Buddy Holly Story and, later in the month, HRHS followed with John Stansfield entertaining the audience with The Life and Career of John Denver. Pikes Peak Grange also had music with a country concert and dance, featuring Ben Marshal. Castle Rock Historical Society contributed three events in October, two cemetery walks at dusk (Bear Canon Cemetery and Cedar Hill Cemetery) and a program from and about the Steven Hart Library. Sedalia Museum and Gardens conducted three Sedalia Ghost Walks. October had two Prospective Member Workshops for the Daughters of the American Revolution …one sponsored by the Smoky Hill Trail Chapter (Parker) and one by the new Castle Rock Chapter. Two Fall Festivals were also held in October; Schweiger Ranch Fall Festival and Arapahoe County Fall Festival at 17 Mile House Farm Park. Those were the multiples. Then, a bevy of single, unique events also took place during the month of October, Parker Area Historical Society hosted Ed Bathke’s Film and Photography of the Front Range; Cherry Creek Valley Historical Society’s Melvin School Open House and Bake Sale; and, Palmer Lake Historical Society’s HRHS November 2015George Washington. Yep, October was jam-packed! Oh, I failed to mention …the Eastern Colorado Museums & Historical Societies Fall Meeting also met in October in Elbert. Wow! Now here comes November…

November, the month we celebrate the landing of the Pilgrims at Plymouth Rock, calms down just a wee bit from October’s heavily loaded historical events, but November still sports a fairly full bucket PAHS Veterans Day Celebration with Rick Crandall.pngof happenings, historically speaking, Highlands Ranch Historical Society is holding a couple of neat programs: an RTD Tour, The Lion King on November 4 and a Veterans Day Program on November 16. Parker Area Historical Society also features a Veterans’ Day Celebration with Crandall. Parker’s program is on November 10. You may have seen Rick Crandall before; he is very active in supporting veterans and veteran organizations. Douglas County is the home of many contemporary veterans as well as the final resting place for those who have died in from all wars dating back to the Civil War of this great country.

CHRS Lamb Spring 11.12.15Castle Rock Historical Society is hosting Nathan Boyles speaking about Charles Lamb’s 1958 archaeological discovery of what is now know as Lamb Spring …November 12 at the Phillip S. Miller Library in Castle Rock. Up in Arapahoe County, Cherry Creek Valley Historical Society, is holding another CCVHS November 2015October, Melvin School Open House and Bake Sale (November 3) and an Open House at 17 Mile House (November 14). Down south of the Douglas County Orphan Trainborder, Palmer Lake Historical Society features Jane Milne in a heart wrenching program, Orphan Train. This November 19 program is one that you really don’t want to miss.

Saturday, November 21, is a date you want to highlight on your calendar! The mid-to-late November Saturday features two events that you just don’t want to missWhere Do You Think You Are? …Parker and Castle Rock Starlighting. These two events offer November 21 as the pièce de résistance day of the month. And, the really neat different clock timings of these events make attending them not only possible but easy! The Parker event is 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM and the Castle Rock event is 2:00 PM until 7:00 PM.

Douglas County Libraries’ History Research Center andHistoric Douglas County, Inc. sponsor the sixth of this year’s educational series where you learn and can pose questions about where you live …from our early history years to contemporary times. Learn more about Where Do You Think You Are? by clicking on WDYTYA. Starlighting 2015 Home PageYou do not want to miss Castle Rock Starlighting. The Starlightingevent is truly a fun-filled event for the whole family …ice skating, firehouse chili, hot chocolate, all sorts of booths, rides, music and free do-dads. Castle Rock Starlighting also serves as the welcome mat for that jolly old man coming into Douglas County from the North Pole, ushering in the Christmas Season. Of course, the grand finale and feature name of the event occurs just after dusk, the lighting of the star. Find out more about this event and see great pictures from last year’s celebration by clicking on Starlighting. See you at these two excellent venues on November 21!

As you can see, November really does look like a fun time in Douglas County. Keep up with new events and activities that get added to the calendar as time progresses during the month. To keep up with all of this newly added activity, please continue to check our HDC Events Calendar. Now, let’s talk sports a bit…

Weglarz's Wise Words
DENVER BRONCOS… well you can’t beat the 6 – 0 start! But, are there storm clouds forming? The Broncos offense has been far less effective than the past two seasons. Broncos Oct 2015 QuestionManning has thrown more “picks” than touchdowns! Fortunately, the defensive side of the ball has been AWESOME! Four defensive touchdowns …more opposing turnovers ever for the Broncos in six games …can this continue? Looking at the Bronco’s schedule, here’s what I see …November has five games (Packers, Colts, Chiefs, Bears and the ‘beloved’ Patriots). My forecast …3 – 2! December gets even better, five games (Chargers, Raiders, Steelers, Bengals and the Chargers again). My forecast: 2 – 3! In my opinion, the Bronco’s overall record is going to be 11 – 5! The Broncos will likely make the playoffs as the AFC West champions but, may not make it past the first playoff game. Best case scenario is Broncos finish would be 12 – 4. But, they would end up playing the Patriots in Foxboro. We all know how those games turn out! Is this Manning’s last season in Denver? Hmmm…

AVALANCHE … so much for the fast start! The Avs have stumbled out of the gate at 2 – 4 and have not looked good since the first two games. Why? Good question, but no answers! Patrick must be beside himself during the games, wishing he could get back on the ice and light some fire. The Avs are troubling. It appears that they have the talent, but the players are not producing! Could be another long season at the Pepsi Center!

NUGGETS …season begins this first week of November. The Nuggets have some new faces, including a new Coach. It looks like they have a chance to compete in the brutal Western Conference. They’ll need 50 wins to get close to a playoff spot, could happen, could be a very interesting season!


CU BUFFS …congratulations on their first Pac 12 win in more than two years! Right now the Buffs stand at 4 – 4; what are the chances to win a 5th game? …maybe 20%! What are the chances the Buffs can win a 6th game? …no maybe, it’s ZERO! Here’s the remaining schedule: UCLA, Stanford, USC, Washington State and Utah. Does anyone see two wins in that group? The Buffs might be lucky to get one more win …but, it’s questionable.

CSU RAMS …the Rams have lost a couple of close games that maybe they should have won. Sitting at 3 – 4, the Rams need to go 4 – 1 to get to a final record of 7 – 5 …and a “fabulous bowl bid to Shreveport? However, the Rams are showing improvement with a new coach and new quarterback, better things are coming!

AIR FORCE ZOOMIES …the Cadets are 4 – 3 and have the best chance in the Front Range for a winning season, ending with a decent bowl game! The Zoomies should finish the season at 8 – 4, and win the Front Range Trophy!

ROCKIES …yes, I know, the baseball season in Denver has been over for a month, but a couple of observations …the KC Royals lost the 2014 World Series to the Giants in Game 7. Did they stand pat and “wait until next year?” HECK NO! On the Royals 25 man roster for 2015, only TWELVE of the players from that World Series team are on the 2015 roster! The NY Mets, who are favored to win the World Series, have developed the BEST pitching staff in all of MLB. How did they accomplish this in the past 3 years? The Rockies do NOT have a clue!

Have a great Thanksgiving,
Jim Weglarz

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