Upcoming Events

August 17: Highlands Ranch Historical Society's Downtown Aquarium RTD Tour
August 19: Cherokee Ranch Hike - Backcountry
August 19: Douglas County Open Space at Prairie Canyon Ranch
August 19: Roxborough Kiln Fundraiser
August 20: Sunday Blues Series #3: Jack Hadley LIVE at Cherokee Castle
August 21: Highlands Ranch Historical Society's Writing for Pleasure ...for Profit
August 23: Cherokee Ranch and Castle sponsors Arts Afield - Ranch Headquarters
August 24: Highlands Ranch Historical Society hosts Hammond Candy Factory RTD Tour
August 26: Louviers Clubhouse - 100 Years Anniversary Celebration
August 26: Cherokee Ranch Geology Hike
August 26: Walking Tour of Downtown Castle Rock
August 27: Cherokee Ranch Geology Hike

August Cherokee Castle
Recurring Events

...August 10, 17, 19, 24, 25 & 31: Public Tours of Cherokee Castle
...August 4, 11 & 18: Lunch on the Terrance
...August 2 & 16: Afternoon Tea
...August 19: High Noon Tea
...August 13 & 27: Sunday Brunch

For programs, concerts, teas and tours at Cherokee Castle, go to their the Castle website at http://cherokeeranch.org and check their Events page.

ALSO ..don't forget to check the Around the West to find events outside of Douglas County.


The HDC 2018 Book-calendar was released on August 3rdStrife and Success is the third in the series of Telling the History of Douglas County. The 2018 Book-calendar provides insight to the about Douglas County during the first three decades of the twentieth cent, 1900 - 1930. Learn more about the 2018 Book-calendar and how to obtain one at 2018 Book-Calendar.

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Historic Douglas County, Inc. Mission:

The purpose of Historic Douglas County is to expand and enrich public awareness of Douglas County history through education and communication, and through support and coordination among local historical organizations and other related groups.


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About Douglas County


Douglas County, although only about 30 miles wide, is known as the Birthplace of Colorado. The county, so named for statesman Stephen A. Douglas, originally stretched from the Platte River east to western Kansas when it was organized in 1861, being one of seventeen counties in Colorado Territory at that time. Later, Elbert, Lincoln and Kit Carson counties were made from the eastern portion of the original Douglas County. The area was first inhabited by Paleo-Indians and later by Arapaho, Cheyenne and Ute Indians. Trappers Jim Bridger and Kit Carson, first Indian Agent for the Utes, hunted and trailed in our region. The county hosted two trails, the Jimmy Camp and the Cherokee Trail.

Industry consisted of farming and ranching with some of the most fertile lands anywhere along the front range because of the Platte River, Plum Creek and Cherry Creek tributaries which provided water. In addition, with the abundance of timber-covered lands thousands of feet of lumber were milled for railroads and provided building materials and fuel for the growing town of Denver City. Rhyolite quarries surrounding Castle Rock provided stone for buildings locally, in Denver and around the country.

The first county seat was Frankstown (Today: Franktown), so named for J. Frank Gardener; the county seat was moved to Castle Rock in 1874. Even though our land area is much smaller than was in 1861, what remains is the most topographically and population diverse county in Colorado. Our mountainous west border slopes downward to our portion of the Great Plains in the eastern segment of our county and our areas of population move from a densely populated metropolitan area in the north to expansive areas of open space, small towns and ranch land in the south.

Gold Mine of History in Douglas County…

The Douglas County History Research Center (DCJRC) of the Douglas County Libraries collects and preserves the history of Douglas County, the High Plains, the Divide area of the Front Range and the State of Colorado in order to provide historical research resources to the public. Their material includes, but is not limited to books, manuscripts, maps, photographs, oral histories, business records, and personal papers. In addition, DCHRC offers reference services, public programs and online resources to a diverse audience of adults and youth. DCHRC welcomes donations of material that add to the story of Douglas County history. Visit http://DouglasCountyHistory.org to learn more about this history rich area called Douglas County.

Douglas County History Research Center
Philip S. Miller Library
100 South Wilcox Street
Castle Rock, CO 80104

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