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January 18: Palmer Lakes Historical Society's (PLHS) Annual Potluck Dinner and Membership Meeting
January 19: Highlands Ranch Historical Society hosts The Denver Mob Tour
January 20: Dessert with Edgar Allen Poe ...at the Castle
January 21: Mary Todd Lincoln in person at Roxborough Area Historical Society
January 21: Highlands Ranch Historical Society presents Sheriff Kelly, El Paso County’s First Sheriff ...the Secret Scandal

Cherokee Castle
Recurring Events

Public Tours of the Castle: January 6, 18, 20 & 25

For programs, concerts, teas and tours at Cherokee Castle, go to their the Castle website at http://cherokeeranch.org and check their Events page.
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July is the month we formally celebrate our freedom and independence in this great Nation. Independence and freedom is ours and our Nation’s greatest treasure and is a way of life. Take a bit of time during the month of July and reflect with a mind-trip about what it means to you personally to be an American.

July is also the month when summer heat begins to pump and rain generally becomes a bit scarce. July is the month when historical programs, tours and projects whip into full swing and Douglas and surrounding counties can supply you with enough activity that will allow you to max out your schedule as well as provide you the opportunity to burn a few calories.

History-wise, and sports-wise for our Colorado Rockies, June was a really, really good month! Now, here comes July and, once again, the month is loaded with great activities and events. Let’s take a gander… With their usual manner of offering literally a plethora of activities, events and programs, Cherokee Ranch & Castle (CR&C) continues its stellar performance and wins hosting the most events for the month. But, hold CR&C for a moment and let me talk about our neighbor to our east, Elbert County. Elbert County was part of the original, 1861, Douglas County. On July 4 from 10:00AM to 3:00PM, the Elbert County Historical Society and Museum host a Pioneer Fourth of July. The Pioneer Fourth is always done up right! The event is a double barrel event, in that you’ll get to tour the Elbert County Museum. Folks, if you haven’t been to the Elbert County Museum, you are in for one big treat. The Museum hosts two of the planned three exhibits of the Smoky Hill Trail: The covered wagon / immigration exhibit and the impact of the railroad exhibit …number three, the automobile impact exhibit is in the future. You’ll also see the court room, main street and much, much more. Don’t miss the Pioneer Fourth of July in Kiowa! Clicking on either of the two pictures above will take you directly to the Elbert County Museum website. You won’t forget Pioneer Fourth of July. A treat for the whole family.

Let me take some time and address the events and activities of one of our historic crown jewels of Douglas County, Cherokee Ranch & Castle (CR&C). July is a month CR&C’s event slate has something for everyone! Castle tours, teas, lunches and brunches are a specialty of Cherokee Castle and the folks at Cherokee do them royally well; you will like feel as if you just became part of the Royal Family! In July, the Cherokee folks are conducting eight morning tours throughout the month and four High Noon Teas: July 8, 12, 15 and 29. Now, if you want a relaxing lunch with superb service and one of the most magnificent views in Colorado, try one of three of CR&C’s Lunch on the Terrance (July 7, 14 and 21).

Cherokee Ranch and Castle also offers a superb menu of children activities and events in July as well. July sees two of CR&C’s Into the Wild series for ages 7 through 12. On July 3 is Water and Resources and on July 10 is Native Animals. CR&C also offers to summer camps in July. The first camp for ages 7 through 12 is at Cherokee Ranch, Ranch Camp; this cam runs July 17 though 21. Following Ranch Camp is Animal Safari for children ages 7 though 10. Check out all the children’s camps on the Events Calendar. Now, before I mention the cultural events and hikes at the Castle, let me review some of the historical societies’ event offerings.

Saturday, July 8, is a busy day with three historical societal events. Up north of the border, Douglas County-speaking, Cherry Creek Valley Historical Society is coordinating an Open House at the 17 Mile House Farm Park. The Farm Park is a really nice, historic venue close to the metro area and is always well manned by the CCV Historical Society. The Castle Rock Historical Society and Museum are off to the north on a July tour, Historic Fort Logan Army Base. This should be an enjoyable, very educational tour with a superb docent!
Highlands Ranch Community Association and Highland Ranch Historical Society are hosting a hayride Back Country Hayride to the Old Failing Ranch Homestead site. These hayrides fill up fast; so, get your oar in the water. Check out all of these July 8th events on the Events Calendar.

On July 13, Castle Rock Historical Society and Museum host Dr. Bob Malin at the Philip S. Miller Library in Castle Rock for Guts and Glory, a medical how-it-was-done” during the Civil War. If your considering some surgery in the near future, this program will give you a good feel how the medical profession and its tools have greatly evolved!
Roxborough Area Historical Society is conducting two Miksch Helmer Cabin Tours this season. The first on July 19 and the second on September 20. If you haven’t seen Miksch-Helmer, attempt to take it in. The cabin is an excellent example of pioneer log architecture now rare in Douglas County.

Highlands Ranch Historical Society (HRHS) presents UFO Crashes in New Mexico. Chuck Wade takes us backThe College World Series certainly requires some mention…
to 1945-48. You got to see and hear this program. Who knows? There might even be a guest appearance of ET! HRHS also has a field trip and one of their famous RTD Tours scheduled for July. The field trip visits the Ute Indian Prayer Trees at Fox Run Regional Park in Colorado Springs. NOTE: This is note the RTD tour; consequently, you need to get yourself to Fox Run Regional Park. This field trip happens on Sunday, July 16. July 27 is the date of the RTD Tour. This tour is lunch and performance at the Dazzle Jazz Club in Denver. Check out the Events Calendar for more information or go directly to the HRHS Website.

On Thursday, July 20, Palmer Lake Historical Society, down south of the Douglas County border in El Paso County, hosts Dan Begen, presenting Pete Seeger: A Musical Portrait. If you liked Seeger, you’ll like Begen …maybe a litte “This Land is Your Land?”

On Saturday, July 22, Larkspur Historical Society hosts Dennis Hagen speaking on Climb to Glory: The 10th Mountain Division in World War II. This program is being held at the Philip S. Miller Library in Castle Rock. Join the free program and learn about Camp Hale and mountain and winter warfare engagement.

Okay, let me get back to the arts and cultural events at Cherokee Ranch and Castle. Artists of all mediums are probably aware of the great landscapes that the Cherokee Ranch and Castle property offers. In July, CR&C offers two of their Arts Afield series. The first of the July series is Arts Afield – Main Gate of the Castle on July 12 and is open to artists of all mediums. The second in the series is on July 26 is at Nature Educators on Cherokee Mountain; this is a strenuous, guided hike through the oaks and hills of Cherokee Ranch lands rewards the artist of an unmatchable panoramic vista from Pike’s Peak to Long’s Peak. This second Arts Afield venue tests your hiking sports ability as well as your artistic skills! Check the Events Calendar for specific details and times.

On Sunday, July 16, you can hear and enjoy Peter Kater & R. Carlos Nakai at the Castle. Peter Kater’s 25 year collaboration has produced some of the most memorable and ground breaking recordings in the New Age and World Music genres and, with 24 Grammy Award nominations combined, Native American flutist, R. Carlos Nakai a great duo becomes ever memorable.

On July 23, the Castle present another of its Bluzone Music Series with John Stillwagen. This local Colorado rockin-rhythm & blues band, based in beautiful Douglas County and established in 2010, is outstanding. Yes, the Cherokee Ranch & Castle has a superb month planned. Hopefully, you will be able to find events that fit each member of the family.

Every month of the year has memorable, history-based events in Douglas County; July looks like another blockbuster month of activities and events in Douglas County. Whatever fun you plan for July, take care to be safe, fire-wise and stay hydrated! Oh, one last helpful hint: Historical events get added and sometimes changed during the month. So, please check the Events Calendar periodically during the month. Let’s talk a bit about Colorado pro-sports, as of the end of June…
Weglarz's Wise Words
DENVER BRONCOS: This is the quiet period for the NFL; nothing happens until Training Camp begins in mid-July. If you believe what the sports talk people are saying, there appears to be a real competition between Paxton and Trevor for the quarterback job. Coach says that we may not know until after the second pre-season game. That’s OK with me. I’m very interested to see how the spots on the offensive line will shakeout; that will be more important than who might be behind the center! It does appear the Broncos have improved the defensive line that was gashed by many teams running the ball. With the opening four games of the season, that will be very important in determining how the season begins!

DENVER NUGGETS: If you listen to the NBA analysts, the Nuggets are one of many have nots. They have a couple of rising stars (Jokic and Murray) but have not reached a playoff bound level. The Western Conference is loaded at the top with the Warriors, Spurs, Rockets and Trail Blazers. The Nuggets made an interesting (??) trade during the NBA Draft, moved DOWN from 13 to 21, and acquired two average players from the Utah Jazz. Many Denver sports people scratched their heads and wondered why the Nuggets would tread water like this; who knows? Danilo Gallinari has turned down his option for next year and became a free agent on June 30th. It’s very doubtful that he will return to Denver.

COLORADO AVALANCHE: The AVS drafted three very young men during the NHL draft; it does not look like any of them will be ready to play this year. I guess you have to take the wait and see approach!
COLORADO ROCKIES: The month of June had its good side and bad side. Let’s start with the good. The Rocks finished with 48 wins …best ever! The first half saw the rookie starters continue their excellent work on the mound. A few cracks in the bullpen ranks began to show. The bad: An eight (8) game losing streak came along at a very bad time, the last 10 days of June! Worse yet, most of the losses were against division opponents Arizona, LA and SF! The Rocks finished June with a 48 – 34 record; that’s nothing to be ashamed about. They did beat the Snakes on June 30th behind Jon Gray’s first game since mid-April. There are several questions with the young pitchers; but, maybe that will be helped with the return of Chad Bettis? The 2nd half of the season will be very interesting. In the National West division: Can LA continue their torrid pace? …will Arizona continue to play well? …AND, can the Rockies make up 6 games against the Dodgers? The Rocks are currently the #2 wild card, behind Arizona; that means if the season ended this weekend, the Rocks would go to Phoenix for one winner take all game! It would probably be a better scenario if that game was in Coors Field. Let’s hope that the eight game losing streak is forgotten, and the Rockies resume how they played in May and early June.

Jim Weglarz

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