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June 24 & 29: Cherokee Castle Public Tours
June 20 - 22: Art Afield Workshop for the Young Artist (Ages 6-8), Cherokee Ranch & Castle
June 20 - 22: Castle Arts (Summer Camp Ages 9-12), Cherokee Ranch & Castle
June 22: Larkspur Historical Society conducts Walking Back in Time - Larkspur
June 22: Roxborough Area Historic Society hosts An Insider’s Peek into Cherokee Castle
June 23: Lunch on the Terrace at Cherokee Castle
June 23: Lionel Young at the Cherokee Castle
June 24: High Noon Teas at Cherokee Castle
June 26: Into the Wild at Cherokee Ranch & Castle
June 27-29: Wildlife Learners Summer Camp at Cherokee Ranch & Castle (Ages 10-15)
June 28: Afternoon Tea at Cherokee Castle
June 30: Lunch on the Terrace at Cherokee Castle

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May 18, 2013, was the United States’ Armed Forces Day. The Larkspur Historical Society and the Spring Valley Cemetery Association recognized the day with a well-designed event at the seventy-seven veterans buried at the Cemetery. The span of wars of these veterans range from the Civil War to Vietnam. The event was billed as Veterans & Valor …Muskets & Pipes. Larkspur had arranged for the Castle Rock Civil War Unit (2nd Colorado, Company B) and the 79th Highlanders Bagpipe Band (Representing the 79th New York Volunteer Infantry) to participate. The event, three hours in duration, started with the firing of cannons and muskets, the Highlanders marching into the audience area from the Chapel to the podium on the Chapel’s west side, playing the United States Marine Hymn and serving as the honor guard for the guest speaker, Lt. Col. Ret. David Pruett. Col. Pruett spoke about service, patriotism, honor and obligation. Although retired, Col. Pruett is the Co-director of Colorado’s Employer Support of the Guard and Reserve (ESRG), working with employers to support not only our Guard and Reserve but veterans returning from the current war venues. Names of the seventy-seven veterans buried in the Spring Valley Cemetery were then read by Penny Burdick (Larkspur Historical Society) and Johanna Harden (Archivist, Douglas County History Research Center); the reading of names concluded with a salute by cannons and muskets. After the formal program attendees enjoyed attending the Civil War Unit Town set-up by the Castle Rock Civil War Unit, talking with soldiers, enjoying the artifacts and Civil War crafts and learning to march under the tutelage of soldier Bill Crow. The 79th Highlanders gave a stimulating show in front of the Chapel that wowed attendees and event participants. Attendees also spent time walking the bucolic Spring Valley Cemetery and visiting with some of the buried veterans families that were at the grave sites. It was a great way to honor our veterans. Thank you, Larkspur and God Bless America. Enjoy the ten collage groupings that follow.












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