February 26: Sunday Brunch at Cherokee Castle
March 4: Public Tour - Cherokee Castle
March 4: Afternoon Tea at Cherokee Castle
March 9: Highlands Ranch Historical Society's RTD Tour to the musical, An American in Paris
March 9: Castle Rock Historical Society presents Colorado Vintage Baseball
March 11: Public Tour - Cherokee Castle
March 11: Cherry Creek Valley Historical Society hosts 17 Mile House Farm Park Open House
March 12: Sunday Brunch at Cherokee Castle
March 14: Parker Area Historical Society presents Spinning in the Western Region
March 15: Highlands Ranch Historical Society hosts RTD Tour, Vikings: Behind the Legend
March 16: Palmer Lake Historical Society presents By an Act of Congress
March 16, 17 & 18: Public Tour - Cherokee Castle
March 17: Cherokee Castle's Welcome to Blarney Castle!
March 18: Castle Rock Historical Society & Museum does Historic Denver (Bus Tour)
March 18: Between the Lines ...Gayle Skidmore at the Castle

For programs, concerts, teas and tours at Cherokee Castle, go to their the Castle website at http://cherokeeranch.org and check their Events page.

ALSO ..don't forget to check the Around the West to find events outside of Douglas County.

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2017 Book Calendar CoverThe HDC 2017 Book-calendar was released in August at the Douglas County Fair. The 2017 Book-calendar, The Early Years is the second in the series of Telling the History of Douglas County. The 2017 Book-calendar provides insight to the early growth of Douglas County (1900-1930). Learn more about the 2017 Book-calendar at 2017 Book-Calendar.

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The purpose of Historic Douglas County is to expand and enrich public awareness of Douglas County history through education and communication, and through support and coordination among local historical organizations and other related groups.


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Sunday, November 20, 2016 @ 10:11 AM
posted by: admin

castle-rock-starlighting-2016DATELINE CASTLE ROCK NOVEMBER 19, 2016What a day in Castle Rock! The Castle Rock Chamber of Commerce must have a direct, high-speed communication circuit to Mother Nature herself! The skies cleared from the previous day’s horrid weather and temperatures (BUT, much needed moisture) and a beautiful and brilliant blue, cloudless sky, accented by “Ole Sol,” and warmer temperature dropped into Castle Rock on Saturday, November 19 as did a good portion of the population of Douglas County. Unofficial sources estimated the public attendance at 15,000! Since 1936, Castle Rock has been lighting the star on top of THE ROCK. Yes, friends, this was STARLIGHTING 2016 – CASTLE ROCK. Thousands of attendees pack into an area bordered by basically Fifth and Second Streets from the north and south and Jerry and Perry Streets from west to east for fours hours of ushering in “The Season” by perusing non-profit booths, listening to music, meeting friends, eating and drinking various beverages from hot chocolate to a bit of the grape and culminating in witnessing the throwing of the switch to light The Star for The Season! Once The Star comes to life, fireworks spring from the top of The Rock to accent and light The Season for 2016. Each year this event grows in attendance and now has reached out to grab literally thousands of folks. If you missed STARLIGHTING, don’t miss it in 2017. It’s a year away; so tie a string around your finger. You don’t want to forget this event! Gobble, gobble and Here Comes Santa Claus!


Partnerships in Motion

Thursday, November 17, 2016 @ 09:11 AM
posted by: admin

partnerships-in-motionDATELINE UNIVERSITY OF COLORADO SOUTH (formerly Wildlife Experience), NOVEMBER 15, 2016

-Billed as Partnerships in Motion and presented by the Board of County Commissioners, Jill Repella, David Weaver and Roger Partridge, an audience of representatives from the dozens of partnerships that interface with the Douglas County Government enjoyed a splendid breakfast and a multi-media presentation that profiled the 2016 State of the County. The event was excellent …well organized, concise and well presented, providing a wide range of information and compliments to the extensive number of partners that assist Douglas County in achieving the Board of Commissioners’ goals, focusing on Multimodal Transportation, Personnel and Public Safety, Natural Resources, Community Services and Economic Prosperity.

chaplain-tim-ralphAfter breakfast, Douglas County Chaplain Tim Ralph opened the event with the invocation. Board Commissioner Chairman David Weaver then introduced his fellow Commissioners, Jill Repella and Roger Partridge. Then, in respective order, each Commissioner spoke to one of the five primary goals of the Commission and what had been achieved in 2016 …the achievements which, in large part, were attributed to numerous specific partners within the community, including a wide-variety of contractors, muniipalities, and non-profit organizations. Each goal area was augmented by a brief video and representatives of the specific partners mentioned during the profile of the accomplishment toward the goal weres asked to stand and be recognized.

The event was concluded with Chairman Weaver recognizing the outstanding work of Commissioner Jill Repella who will leaving the Board of Commissioners because of term limits. As indicated, this Partnerships in Motion was extremely well done. This was the first time the event was held by the Board of Commissioners and is certainly encouraged to become an annual event.

The audience left the event elated and being very proud of Douglas County. It is both a privilege and a joy to live and raise a family in this excellent, community focused, high tech and rural environment.



Saturday, November 12, 2016 @ 10:11 AM
posted by: admin

veterans-day-tribute-in-castle-rock-11-11-16DATELINE CASTLE ROCK NOVEMBER 11, 2016 – A tribute under the watchful eye of Freedom’s Keeper at Fourth and Wilcox in Castle Rock patriotically honored all military service veterans, living and deceased. The tribute was opened by H. C. Miller American Legion Post 1187‘s Presentation of Colors followed by our National Anthem by Tony David and Kenny. Theron Walker of the Emmaus Anglican Church and David Maxwell, US Army Ret. opened with the Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance, respectively, followed by the Opening Remarks, Introduction of Guests and Recognition of Veterans by Randy Reed, US Army Ret. Douglas County Commissioner David Weaver provide the Welcoming Remarks and a touching story of David Miller’s four and a half years as a prisoner of war. ChiefBob Rotruck, US Navy Ret., read his stirring poem, The Veterans Kindred Spirit and Ken Reck, US Navy, solemn concluded the tribute with the playing of Taps while the audience left the grounds. The Tribute was well arranged and provided a most appropriate recognition of our veterans, reminding us once again that Freedom is not Free. God bless all veterans and God bless America.


They’re Back! The HDC Players…

Friday, October 21, 2016 @ 12:10 PM
posted by: admin

hdc-players-2016-2017DATELINE FRANKTOWN OCTOBER 20, 2016They are back, indeed …those educating Historic Douglas County, Inc. actresses and actors, known collectively as The Players. The Players debuted their 2016-17 school-year season at Franktown School for two second grade classes. Mr. Dennis, our Wagon Master and time machine pilot (who has been watching too much of Timeless, the new television show that aired this year) took Franktown Elementary’s second grades, their teachers and The Players back 150 years in time to the mid-1800s where every character and everything presented took place. And, “Yes, Mr. Dennis got everyone back to the present before The Players left the school premises!” William Greeneberry Russell, friends and family call him “Green,” made an appearance to laud the first discovery of gold in Douglas County and teach the children about the use of elephants. And, “Frank,” AKA: James Frank Gardner followed the elephants, and founded Frankstown, built the California Ranch, became Douglas County’s first politician and held every County office with the exception of Sheriff. Ms. Babbett, just back from her gig at the Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris, wowed the second graders with both her sewing skills and cave dwelling on the Prairie Canyon Ranch before all of The Players tackled the barrage of questions offered by the students and Mr. Dennis ultimately hitting the right combination of switches that closed and reopened everyone’s eyes, whisking all of the students, teachers and The Players back to the present.

Seriously, the pioneer and cultural re-enacting bevy of Historic Douglas County, Inc.‘s Players do a superb job of educating elementary students in a fun-filled ways about early Douglas County, Colorado. If you are an educator that would like The HDC Players to address your class, check us out at the Character Reenactments portion of our Education Resources on this website. You can contact us through our Contact Page also on this website.



Monday, October 10, 2016 @ 01:10 PM
posted by: admin

fall-festival-at-schweiger-ranch-2016DATELINE LONE TREE OCTOBER 8, 2016The City of Lone Tree held its annual Fall Festival at Schweigher Ranch on October 8 and Mother Nature perfectly cooperated by providing an absolutely gorgeous day. The Fall Festival was a superbly successful, well-done and extremely well attended event, enjoyed by the whole family. The event drew widely from the Castle Rock, Lone Tree, Highlands Ranch and Denver area, plus even some visitors from Michigan and California.

The four event ran from 10:00AM to 2:00PM and was action filled with something always going on. The buildings on the Ranch have been superbly and accurately restored by the Schweigher Ranch Foundation working with The City of Lone Tree and Ridgegate Development. Attendees almost everything that could be desired with a great family Fall Festival:
Hay wagon and Tractor Rides provided by Colorado Carriage Company

– Pumpkin patch
– Storytime with Douglas County Libraries
– Kids Crafts by SSPR – decoratingmini pumpkins or gourds
– Ranch Tours
– Apple Picking
– Cave of Confusion
– Bluegrass Music
– Vendors
– Three Well-stocked Food Trucks, and
– A Ribbon Cutting Ceremony with members of the Schweiger Family

The Fall Festival at Schweiger Ranch was well done and every had lots of fun. Historic Douglas County, Inc. and Highlands Ranch Historical Society staffed the History Tend where folks learned about their rich Douglas County history …replete with free cookies and lemonade. A good time was had by all.


HRHS hosts ECM&HS Fall Conference

Monday, October 10, 2016 @ 11:10 AM
posted by: admin

DATELINE OCTOBER 7, 2016Highlands Ranch Historical Society hosted the Fall Conference of the Eastern Colorado Museums & Historical Societies (ECM&HS). Find out more about this group at ECM&HS.


The meeting started with a visit to the Highlands Ranch Mansion and a fascinating mansion tour by docents Sandy Chamberlain and Todd Noreen. After the tour and the accompanying history lesson of the mansion and its ownership provided by Sandy and Todd, the group drove to the Douglas County Sheriff’s Substation in Highlands Ranch for lunch and the ECM&HS’s business meeting led by ECM&HS president, Joe Martell.

Prior to the group’s business meeting, Stefanie Baltzell, Preservation Grants Outreach Specialist of the History Colorado – State Historical Fund (SHF), provided an overview of the Colorado SHF grant program. Stefanie presentation was very informative, offering the State Historical Fund’s assistance for obtaining preservation grants. Stefanie also covered the new tax credits program for non-profits associated with SHF grants.

Highlands Ranch Historical Society did an excellent job in hosting this very successful 2016 Fall Conference. The ECM&HS conference is scheduled for the last Saturday in April (April 29, 2017).



Monday, September 19, 2016 @ 05:09 PM
posted by: admin

blake-grahamSEPTEMBER 2016 –Douglas County History Research Center Archivist Blake Graham is moving to the University of Nebraska Libraries system at Lincoln, Nebraska. The description of Blake’s work with the University of Nebraska seems way over our heads for most of us. Blake describes the work which he will do for the Nebraska as “…developing a preservation, migration, and reformatting plan for analog-to-digital conversion of legacy resources and for developing a preservation and security plan for born-digital resources important to the history of the University. Congratulations, Blake. You will be greatly missed.

Blake, an Alabaman, Auburn University graduate and United States Marine, moved to Colorado in 2010 and joined Douglas County Libraries as an Archivist. Having an academic and professional background in historical research methodologies, Blake has been a strong, solid asset to both D. C. Libraries and the many historic societies and museums in the area. Blake has aided and advised research publications across the Rocky Mountain region and says that the culture and community of Douglas County has been a truly rewarding and invaluable experience for him. Well, Blake, same back to you; your help and guidance has contributed greatly to historical work in Douglas County …thank you, thank you.

Historic Douglas County, Inc. is extremely grateful to Blake. He has been an invaluable resource for us. Blake has written “chapters for our historic series of book-calendars, helped us in the acquisition and usage of photographs and a great role player. Blake is one of the HDC Players …playing historic roles of pioneers in elementary schools. In most of the schools that Historic Douglas County, Inc. has assisted for pioneer re-enactments, the children know Blake as William Green Russell, the discoverer of gold in Douglas County. The best to you, Blake; Douglas County will never forget you!



Saturday, August 20, 2016 @ 05:08 PM
posted by: admin

Greenland School Open House August 20, 2016 Larkspur Historical SocietyDATELINE AUGUST 20, 2016 –Ding, ding, dong…! The School Marm (Shaun Boyd) rings that bell for class to start and Larkspur Historical Society’s Open House at Greenland School begins. Freshman Bev Noe donned her beanie and class colors for school to begin and the event was underway. This must have been an accelerated class because Ms. Noe also had her 8th grade graduation dress with her. This fun event was held at the 1894 Greenland School on the Greenland Town Site and those attending got a feel of what it must have been like to attend the one room school back in the first half of the twentieth century. The light refreshments included cookies that were decorated in the motif of school kids of the time …books …baseballs …frogs(?) “Johnny, do not attempt to tease the girls with those frogs!” Thank you, School Marm; it was a fun day.



Tuesday, August 16, 2016 @ 10:08 AM
posted by: admin

DAR Logo on 232 228 214 BackgroundDATELINE SEPTEMBER 17, 2016, WAHSINGTON DC – today the national celebration of Constitution Week begins. The week long commemoration of America’s most important document is one of our country’s least known official observances. Our Constitution stands as a testament to the tenacity of Americans throughout history to maintain their liberties and freedom, and to ensure those inalienable rights to every American. View expanded news release at 2016 Constitution Celebration News Release



Saturday, July 30, 2016 @ 03:07 PM
posted by: admin

Legends of Agriculture 2016 Darrell and Bonnie BellDATELINE JULY 29, 2016Colorado Agriculture Leadership Foundation (CALF) held their 8th annual Legends of Agriculture Awards Banquet. This year honorees were Darrell and Bonnie Bell of the Spring Valley area of Douglas County. The banquet was a gala event with lots pre-dinner conversation among the attendees and background music by the Bluegrass band, Kantankerous. Bruff Shea was the master of ceremony and also served as the auctioneer for live auction after dinner and the presentation of the Legend of Agriculture Award to Bonnie Bell; Darrell passed away in 1998. A brief bio of Darrell and Bonnie’s marriage and ranching life can be found at Darrell and Bonnie Bell and a pictorial of the award banquet event can be accessed on the Picture Galleries of this website.

Past Legend of Agriculture Honorees are: Bea and John Lowell, Russel Cummings, Mildred Steward, Lindsay and Bill Serrell, Betty and Bob Thomas, Larry Carnahan and the DC Young Farmers & Homemakers.

Congratulations to the Bell Family as well as to CALF for this extremely well-done event.


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