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June 24 & 29: Cherokee Castle Public Tours
June 20 - 22: Art Afield Workshop for the Young Artist (Ages 6-8), Cherokee Ranch & Castle
June 20 - 22: Castle Arts (Summer Camp Ages 9-12), Cherokee Ranch & Castle
June 22: Larkspur Historical Society conducts Walking Back in Time - Larkspur
June 22: Roxborough Area Historic Society hosts An Insider’s Peek into Cherokee Castle
June 23: Lunch on the Terrace at Cherokee Castle
June 23: Lionel Young at the Cherokee Castle
June 24: High Noon Teas at Cherokee Castle
June 26: Into the Wild at Cherokee Ranch & Castle
June 27-29: Wildlife Learners Summer Camp at Cherokee Ranch & Castle (Ages 10-15)
June 28: Afternoon Tea at Cherokee Castle
June 30: Lunch on the Terrace at Cherokee Castle

For programs, concerts, teas and tours at Cherokee Castle, go to their the Castle website at http://cherokeeranch.org and check their Events page.

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The purpose of Historic Douglas County is to expand and enrich public awareness of Douglas County history through education and communication, and through support and coordination among local historical organizations and other related groups.


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Historic Douglas County, Inc. brief news articles are always meant to be informative about the historical and history educational aspects of Douglas County. This news article is similar but has a bit of a different bent that really peaked my curiosity …as I hope it does yours. News-wise, this news piece is an accompaniment article to Colorado Agricultural Leadership Foundation’s May Days article which follows. However, it is much more than May Days’ story …because this piece is also about one of the groups that attended the May Days festivities.

HDC’s Treasurer, Mary O’Pry, provided a history overview of the Lowell OV Ranch at the latter part of the day at Sunday’s (May 27) CALF’s May Days. Now, this in itself is not big news about Mary because with her Douglas County history credentials, Mary could present the Lowell Ranch history with her eyes shut and facing a 75 miles per hour wind. As a matter of fact, if this event had been Saturday instead of Sunday, that’s exactly what Mary would have had to do! What is interesting about this news is that Mary made her presentation to a group from Vi (pronounced “Vee”). “Vi,” you say, who or what is “Vi?” Vi this writer learned is a really neat assisted living group located right here in Douglas County, Vi at Highlands Ranch. Vi is an incredible facility that focuses on a lifestyle of “supporting whole person wellness.” It is impossible to give you, the reader, an adequate feel of what this facility really is and all it does and provides in this short news article. I would highly encourage you to take a look at Vi through the eyes of their website, Vi. It is a well-done, descriptive website and under their website’s 360 degree “Virtual Tour” page, you can literally be there. This writer and senior softball player is going to bookmark the Vi website location when it comes time that I want to find more fun in life than sliding into second base!

After Mary’s walk down the history lane of Lowell Ranch, the Vi member’s visit to May Days slipped in to watching the Dog Trials as the Border Collies manipulated the sheep in fantastic and magnificent manner. Then, the “piece de resistance, the group had a fantastic sampling finale in the great outdoors prepared by Vi’s Certified Executive Chef, Gregory Strickland, and Sous Chef, Geoff Heskett. Just “feast” your taste buds to the thoughts of such mouthwatering items such as …

Shredded lamb shank canapé
Carved leg of lamb with tomato relish and goat cheese
Marinated lamb “lollipop” with feta yogurt sauce
Lamb chili
Grilled lamb loin chop with mint pesto demi
Watermelon gazpacho
Bacon chocolate truffles

Holy Macanoli,” I am going to have to end this article because my stomach feels totally empty!

Recognition for fine work and personal donation should go to Deborah M. Terry of DMT Enterprises DBA MTH Farm located in Franktown that donated the lamb, Carolyn Hayes, CALF’s Volunteer Coordinator and Sarah Harman, Community Relations Manager for Vi at Highlands Ranch. It is these caring individuals and people like them that make really enjoyable and great events like this happen.

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