Upcoming Events

February 24: Roxborough Area Historical Society sponsors Wine, Chocolate and Roses
February 24: Hihglands Ranch Metro District presents a Western Winter Gala at the Highlands Ranch Mansion
March 1: Lakota Wicoti~Lakota Drummers Live at Cherokee Ranch & Castle

Cherokee Castle
Recurring Events

Public Tours of the Castle: February 17, 22, 24 & 28
Teas at the Castle: February 17 & 21
Brunch at the Castle: February 28

For programs, concerts, teas and tours at Cherokee Castle, go to their the Castle website at http://cherokeeranch.org and check their Events page.
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The HDC 2018 Book-calendar was released on August 3rdStrife and Success is the third in the series of Telling the History of Douglas County. The 2018 Book-calendar provides insight to the about Douglas County during the first three decades of the twentieth cent, 1900 - 1930. Learn more about the 2018 Book-calendar and how to obtain one at 2018 Book-Calendar.

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It’s February in Douglas County …and, for that matter, in most other places as well! Some the ol’ native Coloradoans say that contrary to the northern hemisphere’s chronology, weather-wise, Winter Solstice in Colorado really begins in February! That being said, perhaps February will bring us some much needed moisture. Folks, it really is dry out there in DC-land!

I thought the anonymous quotation on the right was quite insightful. Other than just giving a sense of logic to the observation, the quotation also is an superb metaphor when it comes to what’s going on in February history-wise! As I’ve said many times before, winter is a time when history programs and events slow to a gentler pace …and, the public’s attendance pace seemingly does as well. Sometimes, it is nicer to sit by the cracklin’ fire than brave the cold and the snow out on the byways during some winter’s testy weather.

February kicks off with Colorado Preservation, Inc.’s (CPI) The Power of Place. The Power of Place is the theme for CPI’s 2018 preservation conference. The 2018 conference started on January 31 and concludes February 4 at the Denver Convention Center and is attended by historians, preservationists and supporters from all around the state. It is the number one preservation conference that provides you access to the how to-s of historic preservation from grant writing to the saving of that very special historical structure. If you are missing the conference this year, slip a reminder into your 2019 computer calendar …say along about Christmas time 2018.

Like the earlier mentioned cow looking for food, if you are looking for history nourishment in February, you will be pleased. There are many venues (or feed troughs) where you will be able to get a few, appetite filling bites!

Highlands Ranch Historical Society is sponsoring two wildly different tours. On Thursday, January 8, you will be able to explore the Douglas County Justice Center, aptly located at 4000 Justice Way in north Castle Rock …for the sheriff’s office to the jail to the courtroom. I don’t know if they will be taking you through the morgue or not! The next tour is an RTD Tour, a musical, Guys and Dolls, on February 18 at Colorado Christian University. See, I said the two tours would be “wildly different!

Castle Rock Historical Society & Museum is hosting Ray Baier on February 8 at the Philip S. Miller Library in Castle Rock. Baier will present a fascinating program about Reverend John L. Dyer. If you’re a history aficionado or just a Colorado history buff, you’ve likely heard of Reverend Dyer, the Methodist Episcopal who became known as Father Dyer, ministering to the 19th century miners and becoming one of the founding fathers of Colorado.

Cherokee Ranch & Castle, as they always do, presents a bang-up month for history-viewing… satisfying teas, brunches and entertainment varieties in February. In February the Castle hosts two of their very well known teas, February 17 & February 21 …at which you’ll know what it means to be treated as royalty! And, on the last day of the month, February 28, the Castle presents on of their fabulous, brunches …a neat way to spend part of your morning! Both the Castle’s teas and brunches includes a tour of the beautiful, remarkable Cherokee Castle. And, if you want just a tour, sans the tea or brunch, the Castle has nine such tours scheduled in February, check out the dates on HDC’s Event Calendar.

Now if it is great, rousing musical entertainment for which you are looking, Cherokee Ranch & Castle has that as well. A Valentine feature is Valentine’s Flamenco Fire …with René Heredia and his Flamenco Fantasy Dancers on February 14, naturally, Valentine’s Day! The second musical, February 17 …Are you ready for this? Burning Love ~ Elvis LIVE! Yep, all right in the Great Hall of the Castle! Check out the Historic Douglas County Events Calendar. I think you’ll admit, Cherokee Ranch & Castle rocks in the month of February!

Parker Area Historical Society introduces you to Doc Susie on February 15. Storyteller Linda Batlin will regale you with The Story of Doc Susie. With this program being right after Valentine’s Day, you will likely fall in love with Doc Susie, again, metamorphically speaking!

Down south of the border, Douglas County’s border that is, Palmer Lake Historical Society presents a Mike and Sigi Walker program, John C. Osgood: Colorado Coal Baron. That’s the evening of February 16 for you to learn about Colorado’s true baron of coal.

How’s Wine, Roses and Chocolate sound for you for Saturday evening, February 24? Well, slip over to Roxborough where Roxborough Area Historical Society (RAHS) is hosting Wine, Roses and Chocolate, a Fundraiser for the Silica Kiln. This special event is meant to raise a few dollars to support a matching grant that RAHS received to restore the Silica Kiln. Restoring the historic kiln is a commendable preservation project that is well worth the effort. Go to Wine, Roses and Chocolate and give a few dollars for this very worthy project.

Actually, there are two fundraisers on February 24. The Highlands Ranch Metro District is sponsoring Western Winter Gala at Highlands Ranch Mansion. This is an excellent fundraisers as well and features the Mansion, whiskey and hors d’oeuvres. It is also for a good cause, the Highlands Ranch Park & Recreation Foundation. Check it out on HDC’s Events Calendar.

Weglarz's Wise Words
DENVER BRONCOS: Where do I start …how about the NFL Draft, the Broncos have the #5 pick. What will they do? I think vice-president John Elway will go “all-in” for free agent, quarterback Kirk Cousins. This will be very pricey, projected at $75 million with at least $ 60 million guaranteed in the contract. In addition, the Broncos will hope that maybe Wyoming quarterback Josh Allen falls to the second Round. Allen will be a project due to his college career completion percentage of 55, and his practice at the Senior Bowl only reinforced that he needs to improve his mechanics for accuracy. Would the Broncos draft Baker Mayfield at # 5? I hope not. They need to get a big, mean offensive linemen at #5. They also need a second offensive lineman later in the draft. The Broncos have many holes to fill. Signing Cousins for Year #1 at $ 30 million will not help! The free agency period begins very soon with the restricted free agents and progresses onward to the unrestricted free agents. Itis anyone’s guess what the Redskins will do with Cousins, but it will, inevitably come at a very steep price tag. The NFL draft begins on Thursday, April 26, and continues thru Saturday, April 28. These next few months will be an indicator for the Broncos to determine if 2018 will be a rebuild or Super Bowl …possibly a Bust!

DENVER NUGGETS: The Nuggets are on the proverbial bubble. Currently they stand at 26-24, in the eight spot in the Western Conference. Play it out and the Nuggets finish as #8 and get the “pleasure” of playing Golden State in Round One! They would be “one and done!” The best scenario for the Nuggets is to go on a tear and finish with 48 wins, but that would mean they must play at a .625 winning percentage for the next 32 games …not likely. This year has been a slight improvement, but the Nuggets need more in the ultra-competitive Western Conference.

COLORADO AVALANCHE: Same as the Nuggets, the AVS are “on the bubble,” presently tied for the #8 spot with three other teams. For a 3-week period, the AVS were “red hot,” winning 10 games in a row to get to a competitive position. They have 34 games left. Can they win at least 19 games and get to 95 points? On the bright side, if the AVS can win at least 16 games, they will have made a huge jump from last year’s dismal season when they finished last in the entire NHL. We’ll see in the next four weeks which way this season will turn out!

COLORADO ROCKIES: The Rockies have been quiet after signing three relievers. It appears that Bridich and Black will put their faith in the arms of the young starting pitchers. This may be a pretty good gamble. If the “young guns” can show improvement from 2017, things may be looking up for the Rockies. What about contracts coming due: Cargo this year; Blackmon this year’ Arenado next year; LeMahieu next year! These players are the core of the Rockies offense and will command significant bucks. What’s the status of David Dahl? Can he replace Cargo in the lineup? Who else is up and coming?

College Basketball

For now, it appears that NO Front Range basketball team will get an invite to the Big Dance in March. Wyoming may have a chance with a record of 14-7 and 5-3 in the Mountain West Conference …with another 5 weeks to go! CU, CSU and DU are hovering close to .500. But all three have losing Conference records …not a good sign!

Well folks, what can I say? I think many of these February events will get you to move, at least for awhile, away from those crackling fires at home sweet home in February. See ya out there!

Jim Weglarz

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