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January 9: Roxborough Historical Society hosts
Early Travelers of the Front Range ...a living history presentation
January 11: Castle Rock Historical Society & Museum presents The Old Mining Town of Uravan
January 13: LIVE Bobby Messano - Baby It's Cold Outside at Cherokee Castle

Cherokee Castle
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Public Tours of the Castle: January 6, 18, 20 & 25

For programs, concerts, teas and tours at Cherokee Castle, go to their the Castle website at http://cherokeeranch.org and check their Events page.
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Oct 2016 Header
Folks, the serious question is, “Just where did 2016 go?It does not seem like it should be October! However, there are three, always historic, fool-proof signs that it is October indeed: 1) Look at the leaves on our vegetation; 2) Our dismal, no-bull-pen Colorado Rockies play their last seasonal game Sunday (October 2 – against the Brewers) and, 3) Our new DENVER BRONCOS are headed into their fourth seasonal game (Again, Sunday, October 2 at the Buccaneers). More on our latter two professional sportsCherokee R&C Sept 2016 teams later. Relative to History Events in Douglas County, the speed-bump between September and October should not have been noticed by anyone as we fly, at the same monthly-event-numbers speed from September into October. Wow-sers!. Let’s do an ever so brief recap of September, 2016…

During the 30 days of September, there were 20 “official” events in and around Douglas County, Colorado. Consequently, if you wanted to attend a history event anytime during the month, the odds of event happening on the day of your choice was very good! Of the twenty events, Cherokee Ranch and Castle, sponsored six …two MO Productions, Return of Sherlock Holmes and Elk Bugling at the Castle (My sense is that should qualify as a musical; and, aSeptember 2016 Programs film (A Small Good Thing. And, that doesn’t count the number of Teas and Tours conducted by the Castle. If you think that’s amazing, wait until you read about October!

The fifteen history related events of other historical entities in and around Douglas County in September fell into the categories of programs, tours and food & drink …and one country concert and dance. Just briefly, so to speak, programs were sponsored by Castle Rock Historical Society, Highlands Ranch Historical Society and Palmer Lake Historical Society. Respectively, these three programs were: Behind the Lines, Images of America: Highlands Ranch, Highlands Ranch Historical Society’s new book release, and Colorado Inventions and Inventors September Food & Drink 2016of the 19th Century. Food and Drink-wise, and I do like this one, there were three such occasions during the month of September. Larkspur Historical Society held its Annual Potluck. Highlands Ranch Metro District sponsored their always enjoyable Families, Farming & Fermintation at the Cheese Ranch. And, Colorado Agriculture Leadership Foundation (CALF) held its annual Harvest Day at CALF’s Lowell Ranch. CALF’s Harvest Day is always hard to classify. It is definitely FOOD. But, it is a gala event with gardens, tractors and hayrides, exhibits, historical tours, farm animals …and, so much more. It is a BIG event! Historic Douglas County, Inc. is always at this superb CALF event. In addition to their CALF facility at Lowell Ranch, CALF also was at the Cork and Pork fundraiser sponsored by Mike Ward Automotive Group.Tours September 2016 The fundraiser benefited Douglas County 4-H members and CALF. Lastly, the country concert & dance was TRAIL sponsored by and held at the Pikes Peak Grange.

Tour-wise, we had a bunch of ’em in September. I’ll try to rattle through these rather quickly.
Highlands Ranch Historical Society conducted two: A Taste of Argentine Tango, a Lone Tree Cultural Event, and a Tour of Cherokee Ranch Castle. Roxborough Area Historical Society hosted a Riverside Cemetery Field Trip, with Garry O’Hara as the tour guide. Castle Rock Historical Society and Museum held a Historic Castle Rock Walking Tour. Then, there were two open houses which I put in put in the tour category, Cherry Creek Valley Historical Society held an Open House at Arapahoe County’s 17 Mile House and october-hikes-at-the-castle-2016Larkspur Historical Society held another Open House Greenland School. Like I said earlier, September was a really big event month. Now, let’s get on to October!

You can get your blood pumping Saturday morning, October 1, at Cherokee Ranch & Castle; the Castle is offering two hikes, one in the Ranch’s Back Country and one an Archaeology Hike. Elk Bugling at the Castle 2016These two hikes are multiples; i.e., they occur more than once during the month; check the October Events Calendar.

Now, with your blood pumping and your body hitting on all cylinders, you should be ready to take on all the October has to offer, speaking event-wise. Cherokee Ranch & Castle events really swings during the first fullJohnny Walker - The Art of Blending 2016 week of October. On Tuesday, October 5, the Castle holds their last of the season Elk Bugling at the Castle. Elk Bugling at the Castle is a series of multiple events during the season that started in mid-September. TheTeas at the Castle Oct 2016 Castle follows up the bugling on the following day, Wednesday, October 6, with a Cherokee Castle Public Tour …the Castle does four of these during October. Return of Sherlock Holmes Cherokee CastleThen, on Wednesday evening, still October 6, Cherokee Ranch & Castle hosts one of their famous Scotch Whisky Tasting at the Castle events with a Johnny Walker …the Art of Blending. On Saturday, October 8, the Castle hosts a public tour and another Back Country Hike plus a High Noon Tea in Cherokee Castle; the latter is another multiple event also occurring on October 22. Lastly that week on Sunday, October 9, Cherokee Ranch & Castle hosts Mo Productions‘s Return of Sherlock Holmes – Cherokee Castle, a “who dunit” in the Great Hall of the Castle. You may recall or maybe even attended the first Sherlock Holmes – Cherokee Castle in September at the Castle. That is why the October program has the Return of” in front of the program title. To this hectic Castle week, one can only say, “WOW!

ECM&HS Fall Conf 10.7.20162016 Schweiger Ranch Fall FestivalDuring that first full week of October, there are two non-Castle events. On Friday, October 7, the Fall ConferenceEastern Colorado Museums & Historical Societies (ECM&HS) takes place. Highlands Ranch Historical Society is sponsoring the ECM&HS event this year …just a note, the conference is for non-profit historical museums and historical societies only. On Saturday, October 8, the City of Lone Tree is holding Tour of the New Parker Librarytheir annual Schweiger Ranch Fall Festival. This is generally the largest attended Fall Festival in Douglas County, pulling folks from both Lone Tree and Highlands Ranch. Wow! Let me take a moment and catch my breath!

The history related events of the second full week of October (October 10 through 16) start on Tuesday,LHS Oct 12 Program October 11, with Parker Area Historical Society and Parker Mayor Mike Waid Touring the New Parker Branch of Douglas County Libraries. The library is a beautiful, new full facility and should be exciting. And, since we’re talking about libraries, on Wednesday evening, October 12, Larkspur Historical Society presents Douglas County Libraries’ Archivist Adam Spiers in Your Media and Research Lab for the Future …Evolution of Douglas County Libraries.

HRHS After Midnight Concert October 12, 2016There are two other daytime events that occur on Wednesday, October 12. Highlands Ranch Historical Society is doing another of their afternoon musical tours at the Lone Tree Arts Center. This time, the concert is by After MIDNIGHT. And, speaking of art,Art Afield at the Cherokee October 12 & 26 2016 here’s another segway into another form of art by Cherokee Ranch & Castle with Art Afield that will allow Ghosts Happens in Local History 2016 CRHSyou as an artist to capture the Castle and Ranch’s beauty in your favorite medium. Art Afield at Cherokee Castle and Ranch is another multiple event, the first session on October 12 and the second session on Wednesday, October 26. The last program during this second full week of October is a thriller! Castle Rock HistoricalThe Lady In Number 6 Society (CRHS) presents Senior Archivist Shaun Boyd of Douglas County Libraries, tingling and filling your mortal being with chilling, fascinating, mysterious stories of Ghostly Happenings in Local History. You are Legacy of Juan Bautista De Anza - John Andersonexactly right! Halloween does occur in October …Monday, October 31 to be correct! We move into the third full week of October starting with Highlands Ranch Historical Society presenting Judy Winnick’s portrayal of The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life …Monday, October 17.

On Thursday, October 20, Palmer Lake Historical Society presents retired El Paso County Sheriff and writer John W.Anderson speaking on The Legacy of Juan Bautista De Anza.
On Saturday, October 22, Cherokee Ranch & Castle repeats a couple of their multiples I wrote about earlier: an Archaeology Hike and a Public Tour of the Castle. There is also a Roxborough State Park Homestead Hike on October 22 as well. The Roxborough hike is adjustable to your endurance; i.e., 1.5 miles to 7 miles. In the late afternoon of October 22 (4:30PM), Castle Rock Historical Society will conduct a Tour of Cedar Hill Cemetery. During the evening of October 22, the Pikes Peak Grange holds a Country Concert and Dance with the music of the Cactus Jack Band …everybody likes a Saturday night dance, and a dance at the Grange makes the event even more special. The country music of this events covers some thirty-five-plus years …80’s, 90’s and today’s country music!

Witches' Brew Oct 2016The fourth and last full week of October, as was the first such week of the month, is dominated by events at the Cherokee Ranch & Castle. Wednesday, October 26, and Saturday, October 29, respectively, the Cherokee Ranch & Castle is conducting a couple of its earlierAntiques Revenge Show at the Castle Oct 2016 multiples, the second Art Afield and another of its Cherokee Castle Public Tours. Also on Saturday, October 29, the Castle is hosting Witch’s Brew. This event is a special Halloween Tea at the Cherokee Castle. “No, Martha, I do not know what that is swimming in your tea!”

At this point, the last event of October occurs on Sunday, the 30th; the event is another Mo Productions production at Cherokee Ranch & Castle. This show, Antiques Revenengeshow has been done before at the Castle and is a very popular production. As said, this is the last event for October as of this date; however, a lot of last minute events tend to show each months. Consequently, to be on top of what is happening, you need to continuously check the Events Calendar.halloween-2016

Well folks, that’s my foray into the history-related events for October. I apologize for going on and on about the events in and around Douglas County. The number of events seems to grow month after month. That’s really fantastic. We live in a great County and one with very rich history. For those of you who are avid readers of this website, you likely noticed the new webpage on the next to the last item on the sidebar menu list, Noteworthy Websites. This page was added in September and will grow as we discover fascinating websites that qualify to be added to the page.

We also live in a very active state and one which has a lot of sport focus, both professionally and collegiate. So, let me take a few more minutes and talk about our teams in Colorado…

And, oh by the way, Happy Halloween from the gang here at Historic Douglas County, Inc.
Weglarz's Wise Words

DENVER BRONCOS: trevor-siemianThe Broncos have found a QB! Trevor Siemian! Yes, its only been three games, but we have to give the young man a lot of credit …especially after the September 25th Bengals game! It was the first road game with a hostile environment and the Bengals loaded the box, saying “…for the Broncos to win, Siemian will have to beat us”. WELL HE DID! In Manning-like fashion, Trevor led the Broncos to two 4th quarter touchdowns, and Sieman completed 9 of 10 passes in the process. The Bronco offensive players are speaking praises of their new, previously untested quarterback. I am adjusting my predictions for the 2016 season, from 11-5, to 12-4. Here’s how I see the season playing out: First half = 7 wins and 1 loss; Second half = 5 wins and 3 losses. The second half of the schedule is very difficult …two games with KC, two games with OAK, and single games with the Patriots, Saints, Jaguars and Titans. Wow! The last games are: Patriots in Denver, at KC, and OAK at Denver to end the season. I believe the Broncos will need to have 10 or 11 wins BEFORE the last three games! The Broncos will win the AFC West …as to how far will they advance in the playoffs, the month of December will give us a look!

DENVER NUGGETS: It’s a toss-up season! Many good young players …BUT, do they know how to win? The Nuggets could be very interesting; all you can do is “Wait and See!”

COLORADO AVALANCHE: My view? “Same as the Nuggets; i.e., a toss-up season!” The Avs are a bit different. They seem to have the talent BUT, not enough wins! This drove St Patrick out of Denver …will the “new guy” fare any better? “Wait and see!”

COLORADO ROCKIES: When you look up “frustrating” on Google, you should get a picture of the 2016 Rockies! Just when we think the Rockies have a chance to make 2016 a decent, maybe even a .500 season, DOWN THE DRAIN! Entering September, the Rockies were 64 – 69, 5 games below .500 with 28 games to go. With a small winning month, maybe 15 – 13, the Rockies would finish with 79 wins, best in 7 years! NO! With five games left they are 73 – 84, and might finish with 75 wins. BUT, close AGAIN to 90 losses. NOT ACCEPTABLE! The starting pitching has shown signs of improvement. The batting order looks good. BUT, the bullpen STINKS! This unbelievable bullpen situation must be addressed in the offseason. Will Walt Weiss continue as manager…? Another season of: Look towards next year …this gets very old after 7-8 years!

Well, folks …Welcome to fall,
Enjoy it while it lasts,
Jim Weglarz

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