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January 18: Palmer Lakes Historical Society's (PLHS) Annual Potluck Dinner and Membership Meeting
January 19: Highlands Ranch Historical Society hosts The Denver Mob Tour
January 20: Dessert with Edgar Allen Poe ...at the Castle
January 21: Mary Todd Lincoln in person at Roxborough Area Historical Society
January 21: Highlands Ranch Historical Society presents Sheriff Kelly, El Paso County’s First Sheriff ...the Secret Scandal

Cherokee Castle
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Public Tours of the Castle: January 6, 18, 20 & 25

For programs, concerts, teas and tours at Cherokee Castle, go to their the Castle website at http://cherokeeranch.org and check their Events page.
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19 Nov Pres Msg 16

november-2016-headerWhere or where did 2016 go? Somehow it seems that something magical has happened. We welcomed 2016 at midnight New Years Day, turned around a couple of times, heard thewalt-whitman-november-2016-poem-leaves-of-grass geese flying south and Shazam! We now find ourselves embedded in late autumn, headed for winter …yes, it’s November in Douglas County!

Generally, November is the time of year when historical events start to ebb in number. However, when you check out the November Event Calendar, you find that November, 2016 has almost as many events scheduled as did the months of late summer and early fall. Douglas County loves history! But, before we waltz into the history related events of November, let’s do a brief recap of what happened in October’s event-wise.

We start with a multi-picture collage of October, an amalgam of mini-pictures that headed eachoct-2016-events event on October’s event calendar. The collage represents twenty-eight events that took place in October. If you are a stickler for detail and count the pictures, you won’t find twenty-eight pictures. Some of the events, such as Elk Bugling at the Castle and Archaeology Hike at Cherokee Ranch & Castle occurred multiple times during the month.

There were a number of events during October that sprung from purported paranormal inspired experiences which celebrated Halloween; such as, Castle Rock Historical Society’s Ghostly Happenings in Local History. And, October even contained musical experiences with Highland Ranch Historical Society’s The Lady in Number 6: Music Saved My Life and Pike Peaks Grange’s country musical concert and dance with the Cactus Jack Band. Suffice it is to say that during October, Douglas County residents were exposed to a lot of great entertainment, cultural experiences and educational programs.

ecmhs-fall-conference-2016Historic Douglas County, Inc. (HDC) participated in two events in early October: Eastern Colorado Museums and Historical Societies Fall Meeting and the Lone Tree Fall Festival at Schweiger Ranch . Highlands Ranch Historical Societylone-tree-fall-festival-2016-hrhs-hdc (HRHS) hosted the Eastern Colorado Museums and Historical Societies Fall Meeting at Highlands Ranch Mansion. And, HDC participated with HRHS in the “History Tent” at the Lone Tree Fall Festival at Schweiger Ranch. You can read about both events in a bit more depth on our News Page. Okay, that’s an ever so brief thumbnail sketch of October …let’s explore the event scene for November!verterans-day-tribute-2016-castle-rock

First of all, HAPPY THANKSGIVING and best wishes for a great family holiday month from all of us at HDC. We have a lot for which to be thankful in this great Country of ours. The elections are finally over; so, let’s work for the best in this great Land and celebrate Thanksgiving Day and our great culture and history it represents. And remember, always remember our military veterans; Veterans’ Day is November 11th. On November 11, the Douglas County Office of Veterans Affairs in conjunction with the Douglas County Veterans Monument Foundation will conduct a Veterans’ Day Tribute at the DC Veterans Monument Plaza. Attending is a great way to get a chance to thank our veterans for their service.

pahs-nove-8-2016Our November Event Calendar begins with an unusual event for November 5, the Castle Rock Senior Center 24th Annual Craft Show. This event posting is unusual for HDC since HDC normally does not post events of a non-historic nature. However, the Craft Show is the biggest event of its kind in Douglas County and benefits the Castle Rock Senior Center, an organization that does some pretty amazing work in Douglas County. HDC will have a table at the Craft Show and, if you haven’t yet purchased the 2017 book-calendar, The Early Years (1870 – 1900), please plan to do so at the Craft Show. You will also find tons of gifts for Christmas at the Craft Show. See you there.

On Tuesday, November 8, Parker Area Historical Society hosts Ben Martin for a tribute to our military veterans with The Birth of Liberty and the U. S. Military. The venue for this program will be at Douglas County Libraries new Parker Library. This is a really good program. God bless our troops and veterans.

nov-16-art-afield-at-the-cherokee-ranchThe second week of November continues with the Cherokee Castle and Ranch (CC&R) hosting two events, the first event on November 9 is a chance for artists, budding to professional, to paint Cherokee Ranch scenes during Art Afield; there are two suchArt Afield events in November; the second event on November 23. nov-2016-a-wake-a-mistake-a-wedding-cakeThe second event is at Cherokee Castle, featuring MO Productions‘s A Wake, A Mistake & A Wedding Cake. This thrilling musical was featured earlier in September and was such a success that it is being brought back for another run in November. And, not to forget, the Cherokee Castle is hosting Lunch at the Cherokee Castle this fall …November 4, 11, 18 and 25; check it out and get tickets for a lunch and tour at the Event Calendar.

On the evening of November 10, Castle Rock Historical Society (CRHS) hosts Lisette Clemons for History of the Arlington Ladies. You will really enjoy this FREE program about the amazingly patriotic ladies that serve all of our military service branches at Arlington Cemetery.history-of-arlington-ladies A couple days after CRHS’s program on November 12, Roxborough Area Historical Society (RAHS)and the Audubon Naturerahs-and-audubon-center-at-chatfield-november-12 Center Members present From Farm to Nature: A Historical Journey of the Audubon Center at Chatfield. This two hour morning event at the Audubon Center is an exciting, enlightening event. Many folks don’t really know about this amazing center.

palmer-lake-historical-society-a-tale-of-two-husteds-jack-anthony-2016On November 29, Jack Anthony will be regaling the audience at Palmer Lake Historical Society’s monthly program with A Tale of Two Husteds. Now if you were born after the Ford Motor Company sold its first Ford Thunderbird, you likely do not even know about even one Husted, let alone two! Don’t miss this one to improve you knowledge of Colorado historical stories.

Now when November 19 rolls around, you may well here something that sounds like a sonic-boom! There are four events in Douglas County! Now you don’tthanksgiving-teas necessarily need to select just one. If you hustle quickly enough and don’t mind doing a little multi-tasking, you can attend all four events! The first event to occur is in the morning at the Cherokee Castle. The folks at the Castle are doing one of their Public Tours of the Castle …time-wise, the tour starts at 9:30AM and takes an hour and a half. Now, if you look at your watch when you finish the Castle tour, you will note that the time is 11:00AM . In a couple of hours (1:00PM), the Cherokee Castle is holding a Thankgiving Tea; attending the tea should get you away from the Castle by …Hmmmm …3:00PM-ish. You’llstarlighting-november-19-2016 be able to get to STARLIGHTING – Castle Rock in about thirty minutes. Now, you will miss the literal opening of the event since STARLIGHTING – Castle Rock is scheduled from 2:00PM to 7:00PM (with lighting of the star at promptly 5:00PM); however,ppg-jim-hyatt-nov-19-2016 even with the first hour and a half of the STARLIGHTING event you miss, you will still have ample time to visit all the booths, ride the rides, skate around the rink and listen to the bands and caroling. If you are concerned about missing the first hour and a half of STARLIGHTING, you can skip the Cherokee Castle events of Touring and Tea-ing since the Cherokee Castle is doing a Public Tour of the Castle again on November 22 and Thankgiving Tea for a second time on November 23. See, all these events are all workable …and, we’re not done yet. After STARLIGHTING – Castle Rock, you are going to want to listen to some music and do a bit of dancing. Head to Franktown! The Pikes Peak Grange that is hosting The Jim Hyatt Band for a Country Concert & Dance at the Grange! …you can’t miss this one because The Jim Hyatt Band is rated as the “Best Band of the Year in Colorado and Nebraska.” The The Jim Hyatt Band is scheduled from 7:00PM to 10:00PM. Granted, at the end of the day, you’re going to be a bit pooped …but, dipping into all this culture was worth it, right?

thanksgiving-brunchAfter this hectic-ness of November 19, you’re likely going to want to just kick back and maybe have a nice, well-planned and orchestrated brunch, “…again, am I right?” Well on November 20, head yourself toward the Cherokee Castle again. It should not be a problem to find it if you were there on November 19. The Cherokee Castle an exquisite Thanksgiving Brunch. Doesn’t this sound as if it would fit perfectly and get you ready of Thanksgiving Day?
hrhs-tribute-to-veterans-2016On Monday, November 21, Highlands Ranch Historical Society is hosting Ben Martin presenting The Birth of Liberty and the U. S. Military. This is a very special program, honoring our military service people and the principles of our great Country.

Before, heading off into our scintillating dive from the deep end of Colorado’s sports pool, let me tell that HDC has started working on its 2018 Historic Book-calendar. 2018 will be the third in our annual running series of “Telling the History of Douglas County. Our 2016 book-calendar, In the Beginning (After the Ice Age to 1870) started the series. Our 2017 book-calendar (selling now) travels in time from 1870 to 1900 and is entitled The Early Years. The New World, 2018’s book-calendar will focus on 1900 to 1930. These history packed book-calendars are a great history telling series. If you missed 2016’s book-calendar and haven’t yet pick-up 2017’s book-calendar, HDC, as mentioned earlier, will be at the Senior Center’s November 5 Craft Show and have the calendars available. Again, the Craft Show is November 5 …at the Douglas County Event Center.

Weglarz's Wise Words

DENVER BRONCOS: My prediction is already blown; I had the Broncos 7 – 1 for the first half of the season and that will not happen. With the win over San Diego, the Broncos finish the first half of the season 6 – 2. The win Sunday (27 – 19) should not have been close; two turnovers in the Red Zone… no excuse. The defense beat Rivers to a pulp; he’ll be sore for most of this week. Next Sunday night is Denver versus Oakland in Oakland …just like old times. The Raiders are off to their best start in 15 years. This game will decide who is leading the Division, and could become a tie breaker game at end of season? The Broncos need to minimize mistakes and play Oakland’s passing game the same way they did against the Chargers. Denver had 6-7 defensive backs in on obvious passing plays, instead of linebackers – very effective!

DENVER NUGGETS: It is too early to tell, but winning the first game on the road is a good sign. The Nuggets could be very interesting this year; there’s a lot of talented, young players with two good “bigs.” We’ll have to get 20 games under the belt to really tell if the Nuggets are for real. At this point …???

COLORADO AVALANCHE: The Avs are different! They seem to have the talent, but not the drive! Saint Patrick had enough and left. Our new Coach (Jared Bednar) will try a different up tempo approach. The Avs have only played 6 games and are 4-3. That is too small of a sample to see any big change. Here’s one stat that is not good: Goals scored = 19, Goals given up = 19. This is an early trend, but it must improve if the AVS want to get back to the playoffs. Given how they are starting, its not looking too good …another???

WORLD SERIES: The Cubbies from Wrigley, need some big time magic heading to Cleveland for Game 6, to be followed by maybe a Game 7! The Cubs held on for dear life Sunday night to make the Series 3 – 2. If the Series goes to Game 7, the Indians will have Cory Kluber on the mound. Kluber’s been a Cubs killer in Games1 & 4 – we’ll see. So far; great series with many close games. The Indians have not won the Series since 1948, the Cubs …since 1906, over one hundred years ago! One team will break the drought, which one? This is the ultimate?????????

Folks, that’s November…
Both historically and sports-wise,
Jim Weglarz

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