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January 18: Palmer Lakes Historical Society's (PLHS) Annual Potluck Dinner and Membership Meeting
January 19: Highlands Ranch Historical Society hosts The Denver Mob Tour
January 20: Dessert with Edgar Allen Poe ...at the Castle
January 21: Mary Todd Lincoln in person at Roxborough Area Historical Society
January 21: Highlands Ranch Historical Society presents Sheriff Kelly, El Paso County’s First Sheriff ...the Secret Scandal

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Public Tours of the Castle: January 6, 18, 20 & 25

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It’s April in Douglas County. Hopefully, March’s release of the “Lion of Weather” during the last couple of weeks in March continues for April. The White Gold that swung in Douglas County was extremely welcome. Not only does it bring life to our beautiful vegetation, it dramatically lowers the odds on wildfires.

March’s was a crazy weather month here on Douglas County’s Front Range. But, for historical events and activities, we had many fine events! If you were one of those amazing people who attended all of the events on Historic Douglas County’s (HDC’s) well-packed Events Calendar webpage, then you likely can recognize all of the various activities in the events collage below! Oh yes, a lot of big events taking place in March and I realize the collage is way too busy for you to pick out all of them. But, let’s give March a brief overview…

Unbelievably, of the twenty-six events lasted for this craziest-month-of-generally-snowiest-month, the Cherokee Ranch & Castle (CCR&C) accounted for fifteen! Yes, fifteen …two full-fledged programs (Between the Lines …Gayle Skidmore at the Castle and A Night with the Coroner, featuring elected District Attorney in Denver for 12 years, Mitch Morrissey), nine tours, two formal teas, one brunch and a field session of CCR&C foundation’s Arts Afield, a wildly popular event with artists of all mediums, capturing great scenic views.

The warmth of March was great for bus tours as well! Highlands Ranch Historical Society (HRHS) held two of its popular RTD Tours: One attending the musical, An American in Paris and one visiting the Museum of Science and Nature’s Vikings: Behind the Legend. Castle Rock Historical Society & Museum (CRHS&M) group hosted a bus tour of the Historic Denver District. In addition to their bus journeys, HRHS and CRHS&M respectively held the programs: Rich People Behaving Badly and Roger Hadix’s Colorado Vintage Baseball.

March was also was the month of the regional National History Day contests. Historic Douglas County, Inc. (HDC) members participated as judges in the Greater Denver Metro Region contest held on March 11 at the Auraria Campus. Middle and high school students participated in this educational contest event. The next round of judging is in May for the state contest and then on to Washington D. C. for the Nationals. You can read a bit more about the contest on the News page.

Program-wise in March, Parker Area Historical Society presented Spinning in the Western Region and Larkspur Historical Society hosted Dr. Gordon Tucker speaking on Ancient Douglas County: 10,000 Years of Culture History. And, beyond our Douglas County borders, Palmer Lake Historical Society presented Bob Easterly in By an Act of Congress and Cherry Creek Valley Historical Society conducted an Open House at 17 Mile House. March, weather-wise, was a moisture bust. March, historic program-wise, was a booming success! Let’s get on with April, traditionally our second snowiest month… Also, April is the month that opens with the innocuously ridiculous April Fool’s Day and closes with the little known and celebrated International Jazz Day …plus, Easter falls on April 16 this year.

April this year is big, historical events-wise. Again this month, the Cherokee Ranch and Castle Foundation is loaded with activity …seven tours, two formal teas and two brunches, including a must attend Easter Brunch at the Castle on April 16. On April 8, the Castle is hosting Bobby Messano at the Cherokee CastleBetween the Lines, a Story Telling Series. IF you love music and background stories, you’ll love this series.

April 8 is really an eventful day. Castle Rock Museum is holding its WWI Exhibit Grand Opening. This exhibit’s feature of the Great War is expected to be a well visited exhibit. The Castle Rock Museum really has been growing and is a really big asset for history for the Douglas County area.

On Monday, April 17, Highlands Ranch Historical Society presents Author Dick Kreck in Murder at the Brown Palace. This is a special show with a slide presentation that takes you into the heart of the famous murder scene at the Brown Hotel. If you don’t know the Murder at the Brown Palace story, this is a must attend. The venue is special; the program is at the Highlands Ranch Mansion. If you don’t know the ties to the Highlands Ranch Mansion, you certainly will after the program. Author Dick Kreck does an excellent job with this program. Check out the April Events Calendar to find out time and registration information. On April 30, HRHS is hosting one of its famous RTD Tours; this tour will take you to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts to see the musical, SWEET DREAMS at the Stage Theatre. Again, check the April Events Calendar for times and registration.

Roxborough Area Historical Society, is hosting Author Jill Tietjen in reviewing and discussing Her Story: A Timeline of the Women Who Changed America, a book she co-wrote with Charlotte Waisman. This is a really good, educational program …eye opening at times. This program is currently scheduled for April 27.

On April 20, down south of the border, Douglas County’s that is, Palmer Lake Historical Society presents The Alexander Film Company. You’ll love Steve Antonuccio, Pikes Peak area writer, producer, and videographer as you takes you from Spokane, to Englewood, to Colorado Springs, following the company course of the unique film company.

On April 21, Larkspur Historical Society hosts a Louviers Walking Tour. This tour of the old DuPont company town includes an interior tour of the beautifully restored Louviers Club House.

Yes, April has a lot of neat things happening. As I always tell you readers, please continue to check this website’s Events Calendar since there are a number of events that tend to be announced during the month that you might miss.

I want to take a few moments and alert you to a new entry this month on our Noteworthy Websites page. Take a look at the identification of the Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) South Metro Denver Chapter 1106. This is recognition of a relatively new organization and one with a superb and dedicated principal, “Never again will one generation of veterans abandon another.”

HDC made the The Castle Pines Connection, April, 2017 edition. You can read about it on our News webpage or go directly to the article at Page 24, The Castle Pines Connection. Well, there’s April history in Douglas County. Let’s spend a couple of moments on my musing on sports…

(Sports column written March 27, 2017)

DENVER BRONCOS: An interesting off season? You had better believe it! This is the first time since John Elway took over the running of Bronco Operations for which he is come under criticism. There is a lot of sniping about the lack of meaningful, free agent acquisitions, and the ongoing Romo dance. For me, the Broncos are better off WITHOUT Romo as our 3rd wheel quarterback. We have two, reasonably talented, young quarterback’s who need more offensive linemen versus another aging, often-injured, 38 years old quarterback! It hard to tell if Elway still has Romo in his sights OR he’s looking for a deal to acquire a badly needed Left Tackle! I hope John finds a way to grab some type of reasonable offensive lineman who could fill the hole for one or two years (Ryan Clady?). Stay tuned for the NFL draft for the last week of April.

DENVER NUGGETS: UGH UGH! The Nuggets have let a golden opportunity to secure the 8th and final playoff spot in the NBA Western Conference. They have a HUGE game with the Portland Trail Blazers on Tuesday night in Portland, it’s the equivalent of a playoff game – lose and go home …win and stay alive. The Nuggets have 9 games remaining; they would need to win 7 games to have a chance. Portland has the edge due to most of their remaining 9 games are in Portland; home court advantage is BIG in the NBA. Have the Nuggets made progress? …only IF they continue to play well and reach 40 wins …even if they do, that will NOT get them into the playoffs. Maybe they will learn that the early games in October and November count the same way in the Win / Loss column, as the games in March and April!

COLORADO AVALANCHE: Not much to say about the AVS… The next worst team in the NHL has 20 points more than the Avalanche, that statistic converts to a minimum of 10 more wins! The AVS are on pace to establish the record for LEAST number of points in a full 82 game NHL season! The record is 52 points; the AVS are currently at 43. I do NOT see the AVS winning 5 more games to get to 53! The bright side? …the AVS will receive the overall FIRST pick in the NHL draft …WHOOPEE DO!

COLORADO ROCKIES: Let’s hope that a very promising start to Spring training is not derailed by an unfortunate rash of injuries and illnesses. Two injuries during camp, our new first baseman, Ian Desmond (hit by a pitch, broken hand), and our third outfielder, David Dahl (dealing with some rib issues). Added to this situation is one of our main starting pitchers, Chad Bettis, having his cancer issue reappear; let’s hope that this condition gets under control for him and his family. The Rockies appear to have the talent, the batting order and maybe decent pitching, giving them decent odds for a positive, winning season. This is the 10th anniversary of “Rocktober;” can 2017 be a repeat?

MARCH MADNESS: First round had a couple of upsets; the Sweet 16 and Elite 8, had many more. The Final Four in Phoenix will be Gonzaga vs. South Carolina, and Oregon vs. North Carolina. My pick to win the Championship …I’ll let you know in next month’s message. I don’t want to mess-up the Las Vegas odds makers!

My best for a great April,
Jim Weglarz

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