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November 16: Palmer Lake Historical Society Program: The Star on Sundance Mountain
November 20: Highlands Ranch Historical Society presents Guts and Glory: Modern Medicine and Surgery During the Civil War
December 1: The Most Wonderful Crime Of The Year! ...Murder Mystery Holiday Dine & Crime Show! at Cherokee Castle
December 2: 17 Mile House Farm Park Open House
December 2: Annie ...Highlands Ranch Historical Society's RTD Theatre Tour
December 2: Winter Nature Tour at Cherokee Ranch & Castle (Hosted by Denver Botanic Gardens)

November Cherokee Castle
Recurring Events

... November 18, 21 & 22: Public Tours of Cherokee Castle
...November 18: Thanksgiving Brunch...November 21 & 22: Thanksgiving Tea at Cherokee Ranch & Castle
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December Cherokee Castle
Recurring Events

Holiday Teas at the Castle ...December 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13, 14, 16, 19, 20, 21 & 28
Holiday Brunch at the Castle ...December 2, 9 & 16

For programs, concerts, teas and tours at Cherokee Castle, go to their the Castle website at http://cherokeeranch.org and check their Events page.
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ALSO ..don't forget to check the Around the West to find events outside of Douglas County.


The HDC 2018 Book-calendar was released on August 3rdStrife and Success is the third in the series of Telling the History of Douglas County. The 2018 Book-calendar provides insight to the about Douglas County during the first three decades of the twentieth cent, 1900 - 1930. Learn more about the 2018 Book-calendar and how to obtain one at 2018 Book-Calendar.

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I’m not really sure who or what controls the speed of time in passage, but 2017 really seemed to be somewhat related to Einstein’s theories of relativity, include spacetime as a unified entity of space and time, relativity of simultaneity, kinematic and gravitational time dilation, and length contraction. Now you know that I really don’t know what caused 2017 to speed by so quickly! Whatever the force, here we are …December, 2017 and I really would not want to be any place other than beautiful Colorado, right here in Douglas County!

December is a month of fairly dramatic change both in weather as we slip into winter and in historical events when most of the historical societies, museums and scheduled programs and events tend to prepare for winter’s slowing and become a bit selfish in planning their own Christmas celebrations. Don’t fret; there is definitely plenty to do! If you are into snow, winter’s manmade beauty of sparkling Christmas lights, parades and show pieces and can manage a bit of time compression, Colorado is definitely a place for you for its many Parades of Lights and various Venue Lights. In fact, Colorado has become quite famous for its many Christmas lighting displays! As said, to see all of what’s available, you need to be a fair manager of time compression. Here’s a list of a few of the “Lights” events across Colorado to whet your whistle.

ElectriCritters Pueblo-Started Nov 22; runs until Dec 23 (719.561.1452)
Blossoms of Lights Denver Botanical Gardens-Started Nov 24; runs until Jan 1 (720.865.3500)
29th Annual Festival of Trees Greeley-Started Nov 25; runs until Dec 3 (970.350.9451)
Louisville Parade of Lights Louisville-Dec 1 (303.666.5747)
43rd Annual 9 News Parade of Lights Denver-Dec 1 & 2 (303.534.6161)
33rd Annual Festival of Lights Parade Colorado Springs-Dec 2 (coloradospringsfestivaloflights.com)
Grand Junction Parade of Lights Grand Junction-Dec2 (970.245.9697)
Montrose Parade of Lights Montrose-Dec 2 (970.497.8558)
2727th Annual Electric Safari Colorado Springs Cheyenne Zoo-Dec 8 through Jan 1 (719.633.9925)
Torchlight Parade & Fireworks Steamboat Springs-Dec 32 (970.879.6111)
Zoolights Denver Zoo-Dec 1 through Dec 31 (Denver Zoolights)

I mentioned that most the historical societies in and around Douglas County are NADA for programs and events in December. However, there are two exceptions. In Douglas County Highlands Ranch Historical Society (HRHS) is holding their HRHS Annual Meeting at Memory Lane. Memory Lane is Charter Financial’s 50s’ memorabilia hall in Highlands Ranch. Just north of Douglas County’s northern border
in the Parker area, Cherry Creek Valley Historical Society (CCVHS) is holding their last of the year 17 Mile House and Farm Park Open House. HRHS’s event is December 14 and CCVHS’s open house is December 2. Check out the Events Calendar of more detail and exact clock times for both of these events.

As said, historical societies’ programs in December are very sparse; however, stop in at the Castle Rock Museum. You’ll find it warm, Christmacy and you’ll get to peruse a bit of the area’s fascinating and culturally rich history. You can even pick up a few of the Castle Rock Writers’ latest books, Chronicles of Douglas County, Colorado (published 2014) and Douglas County (published 2017), for Christmas gifts.

Hey, don’t despair; two of the historic crown jewels of Douglas County is taking up the slack. Yes, Highlands Ranch Mansion and Cherokee Castle will take up the slack! If you haven’t visited and toured Highlands Ranch Mansion, the holiday season is a great time to do it. Check out the Highlands Ranch Mansion’s December Calendar for all the times its open for visiting. You’ll never for get the Mansion; it is absolutely a masterpiece.

While historical societies, museums and historical venues tend to cool in December Cherokee Castle is the exception hang on to your sleigh reins, folks!
The Holiday Season is the prime time for entertainment Cherokee Castle. Consider, the Castle has thirteen holiday teas, three holiday brunches, three really could programs and even holds an Arts Afield event and a hiking tour! Let’s get specific. If you have been to any of the Castle Teas or Brunches, you know it is special, having high tea at the Ritz in London isn’t much different. You really get the royal treatment. The Christmas Season at the Castle is like no other time. You’ll not only get the royal treatment, the Castle is festive with all its Christmas decorations and finery. You and that someone special will absolutely love it!

Now if you are looking for great, unforgettable entertainment in December, the Cherokee Castle provides that with three great programs …mark down these dates December 1, 10 and 16, the detailed information is on the December Events Calendar. The December 1 is a real killer, billed as The most wonderful crime of the year! It’s a great feast with a killer-comedy. The Castle folks suggest you bring your camera to take-in the festively decorated Castle. And, on December 16, the Castle slips back in time with Dessert with Dickens A Christmas Carol with David Skipper. Wow! Get to interface with a virtual Charles Dickens!

December 16, the Castle hosts a German lunch matinee with The Sounds Of Christmas with The Denver Brass. If this music doesn’t get you in the holiday spirit, well you may need to see your family doctor to determine why! This is a great Christmas matinee filled with good food and song. And, if you like music, I hope you have your tickets in hand for the December 16 Frank Sinatra musical event …a bit more romantic than the Brass. As said, I hope you have your tickets in hand since the show is SOLD OUT! This is a really good show with Sinatra is at the Castle. The Sinatra sold out program is called Sinatra Sensation Stocking Stuffer at Cherokee Castle. Derek Evilsizor sounds like Sinatra and looks like Sinatra. Evilsizor is Sinatra! He’s been at the Castle before and the folks who have seen and heard him got their tickets early in the year when the Castle first announced the program. Check the Cherokee Castle’s Event Calendar early in 2018 …’cause Evilsizor will likely be returning in 2018. And, you’ll need to get your tickets early if you want to relive Sinatra!

Highlands Ranch Historical Society (HRHS) doesn’t schedule a formal program in December, BUT HRHS is coordinator two of their famous RTD Tours! Both these RTD Tours are theater tours …the first is Annie at the Boulder Dinner Theatre on December 2 …the second is at the Buell Theater in Denver, Waitress, on December 28. What can one say? Well, respectively for these two events …“LEAPIN LIZARDS” and “…a little slice of heaven!”

So, folks, that’s December, a time when history programs cool off just a bit, but there is still a lot of activity. Remember, check out the December Events Calendar. Here comes Santa Claus and let’s get ready for a roaring New Year in 2018.

Merry Christmas,
Jim Weglarz

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