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December 14: Annual Highlands Ranch Historical Society Meeting at Memory Lane
December 14: John Fielder's A Colorado Winter at Cherokee Castle
December 15: Dessert with Dickens A Christmas Carol with David Skipper at Cherokee Castle
December 16: Sinatra Sensation Stocking Stuffer at Cherokee Castle ...SOLD OUT
December 28: Highlands Ranch Historical Society sponsors an RTD Tour, Waitress at the Buell Theatre

December Cherokee Castle
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Holiday Teas at the Castle ...December 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13, 14, 16, 19, 20, 21 & 28
Holiday Brunch at the Castle ...December 2, 9 & 16

For programs, concerts, teas and tours at Cherokee Castle, go to their the Castle website at http://cherokeeranch.org and check their Events page.
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The HDC 2018 Book-calendar was released on August 3rdStrife and Success is the third in the series of Telling the History of Douglas County. The 2018 Book-calendar provides insight to the about Douglas County during the first three decades of the twentieth cent, 1900 - 1930. Learn more about the 2018 Book-calendar and how to obtain one at 2018 Book-Calendar.

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Yes, folks, it is October in Douglas County. The autumnal equinox quietly slipped into the County on September 22. Some of the aspens in the High County provided a early and colorful hint that fall was coming and even here, down below, some of the cottonwoods and Gamble oaks showed that telltale, yellowish-green tint.

Fall is that time of year when Douglas County puts on its fall face of harvest season festivals and the various farmers’ markets in and around the County take on that brown and orange pumpkin and cornstalk motif. It is also the time of year hues of purple, black and white stimulate talk of Rocktober memories, as well as a period when an orange and blue build into a adrenaline-driven state of Broncomania. Hunters take-on another mania sense that elk, deer, duck and upland game season bring to bear, no pun intended. And, .children, as well as some adults, dream of their fantasy costumes that ultimately bring forth loads of rewarding candy. October seems to be that grand entrance into another time and place. For most folks, October is that “special” time of year in Douglas County and Colorado.

October hosts several unique, only time of the year, events. The first event is a doubleheader down Sedalia way at the Cherokee CastleElk Bugling at the Castle. I just mentioned the mania of our hunting readers during the fall seeking elk, deer, etc. Well, if you’ve never heard a bull elk bugle live…then you are in for a treat. The Castle had three of these events in September and, if you missed the bugling in September, you still have two more chances in October (October 4 and 5). Check out the October Events Calendar. The sound of an elk bugling live will send a chill up your spine.

October 7 features the other two unique events, only one of which is within the “new,” post-1874 County borders. The event in the “new” County is the annual Fall Festival at Schweigher Ranch. The festival is a really neat event for the whole family. The old ranch structures of pioneer John Schweigher has been beautifully restored. The ranch is close to the Denver metro area and is a great way to slip back in time and experience “…the way it was back in the 19th century;” plus, the event provides you a chance to pick-out your own pumpkin for the upcoming Halloween celebration. Go directly to the Lone Tree website at Schweigher Ranch Fall Festival to learn a bit more.

The big event for all the historical societies and volunteer-operated museums is also on Saturday, October 7, in Hugo, Colorado, the Fall Conference of the Eastern Colorado Historical Societies and Museums. The Fall Conference is one of two such annual events, one held in the spring and the second in the fall. This semi-annual conference is only by invitation for the members of the non-profit, volunteer workers’ organizations. The Fall Conference for 2017 is being hosted by friends of Roundhouse Preservation, Inc. The newly restored Union Pacific Roundhouse will be on the afternoon tour of the conference. The historical societies and museums involved are from within the old, 1861 Douglas County boundary, including today’s Douglas, El Paso, Lincoln and Kit Carson Counties.

I am not sure why I started this October homepage using the word “unique” to describe the aforementioned three events. As I now look over the October Events Calendar, just about all of October’s events are unique! Cherokee Ranch and Castle hosts many of their regular or monthly programs; e.g., public tours, teas, lunches and Sunday brunch. Check out the October Events Calendar for those “regular” events at the Cherokee Ranch & Castle. The “unique” event for October at the Castle encompasses the Halloween backdrop, Provocateur’s Masquerade (A Halloween Ball at the Castle). The Castle does a great job with these unique balls …somewhat of a European spin, making the event unforgettable.

Parker Area Historical Society (PAHS) does a paranormal program with DC Libraries’ Shaun Boyd on October 10. Aptly, the program is named Spooky Stories from Douglas County History. The program will definitely live-up to its title. PAHS meets at 6:30PM at the Parker Library and the program begins around 7:00ish. You may remember the old Parker Museum. Well, PAHS
PAHS now maintains a museum, the Parker Heritage Center, at Parker’s Mainstreet Center, located at 19650 E. Mainstreet. The Parker Heritage Center is open whenever the Mainstreet Center is open for programming. There are many interesting items to see at the museum.

Castle Rock Historical Society and Musuem (CRHS&M) also keeps with the Halloween spirit (again, no pun intended) with Douglas County Libraries archivist Shaun Boyd (twice in one week) spooking out the audience with Ghostly Happenings in Local History (October 12). Shaun Boyd always does a great job when delving into the paranormal world in the Castle Rock area, and for that matter, in and around Douglas County as well. You’ll enjoy these stories of past denizens of Douglas County who may well be with us today! Let us also note that October begins the twenty-first year of Castle Rock Museum who celebrated with a very well-done 20th anniversary event on September 16. Check out the Castle Rock Museum Exhibits for its current exhibits. The big exhibit is The 100th Anniversary of the United States entering into World War I.

The CRHS&M group is also hosting two cemetery walks in October. These walks are informative and highly enjoyable as you meet and become to know the area pioneers of the past. The first of the October cemetery events is on the 14th, Cedar Hill Cemetery Walk and the Bear Canyon Cemetery Walk (Highway 105, just south of the Wolfensberger intersection) is on the 2828. Both of these walks are well timed an hour before dusk; and, both are non-Halloweenish.

On October 16, Highlands Ranch Historical Society (HRHS) hosts John Fielder with a beautiful slide presentation featuring his new book, A Colorado Winter. This is a beautiful way to tour our gorgeous Colorado in the winter, seeing places and beautiful scenes that some of us have never seen. On October 7, HRHS is doing a Colorado Springs Field Trip to See the Ute Indian Prayer Trees. If you are considering on going on this tour, you need to sign up by October 2. Go to Ute Indian Prayer Trees Registration on the Highlands Ranch Historical Society’s webpage.

Outside our Douglas County boundaries, Cherry Creek Valley Historical Society is hosting an Open House in Arapahoe County’s 17 Mile House Farm Park on October 14. Down south of our Douglas County border, Palmer Lake Historical Society hosts a Potpourri of Rarely-Seen Rich Luckin Videos on Thursday, October 19.

Well, folks that provides you a feel of what’s going on, historically speaking, in and around Douglas County in October. Come out and enjoy these events and also get to know a few spooks!

Weglarz's Wise Words


DENVER BRONCOS: The good news: the Broncos are 3-1 going into a very bye week; the bad news: beating the Raiders on Sunday 16 – 10 became a nail biter that should have been avoided …FIVE trips into the Red Zone yield 16 points ( 1 touchdown, 3 field goals, and a missed chip shot field goal). The missed field goal made the last 4 minutes far more challenging than necessary. A bright spot: NO turnovers! I have adjusted my pre-season projection of 9-7, to 11-5. This projection will hinge heavily on the Bronco offense scoring points on the road. We’ll find out in a couple of weeks with back to back games at the Chargers and Chiefs. The Broncos should enjoy the week off; maybe they’ll find a Right Offensive Tackle!

DENVER NUGGETS: Will adding Paul Milsap be enough for the Nuggets to compete for a playoff spot in the Wild Wild West? …Doubtful! Oklahoma City has added both Paul George and Carmelo Anthony to a one year mercenary team. Both George and Anthony will be able to opt out after this season, plus Oklahoma City will not be able to pay three superstars max contracts after this season. I’m hoping the Nuggets can be competitive and maybe vie for the 7th or 8th playoff spot …we’ll see!

COLORADO AVALANCHE: The AVS have begun playing pre-season games here in September; it is much too early to tell if we will see Improvement. The bright side is that the performance can’t get much worse!

COLORADO ROCKIES: What can I say? I was WRONG, the Rockies backed into the 2nd Wild Card spot and will have the privilege of heading to Phoenix on October 4th to play a one game Winner Take All to then continue to play the Los Angeles Dodgers! What I will say is that the Rockies have their first winning season since 2010 – CONGRATS! It was a big relief to see Cargo get going in September; it would have made more of a difference in August. At least, he finally came to life. Will Cargo be back next year? …Only if he takes a team friendly deal for a LOT less $. I doubt that this post season will have the same results as 2007, but in baseball, you never know!


Colorado University: After a close loss to UCLA (27 -23), CU stands at 3-2, not bad. However, the next seven games are against PAC 12 teams, most with winning records. The Buffs will not surprise teams like last year, can they get 6-7 wins?

Colorado State University: After hammering Hawaii 51 – 21, the Rams are 3-2. CSU has a much better chance to get to 7-8 wins than CU. The Mountain West schedule will be much kinder. Give CSU credit for scheduling a couple of tough non-conference games before starting league play, that should help.

United States Air Force Academy: The Zoomies are off to a tough start, 1-3! AFA was crushed by New Mexico 56-38 in a game where no one played defense!! This could be a long year for Air Force, maybe a losing season…

University of Wyoming: The Cowboys are off to a decent start (3-2) after winning a meaningless non-conference game versus Texas State (45-10). Wyoming should be a contender in the Mountain West Conference with a quarterback with NFL potential.

Enjoy the fall,
Jim Weglarz

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