Upcoming Events

December 14: Annual Highlands Ranch Historical Society Meeting at Memory Lane
December 14: John Fielder's A Colorado Winter at Cherokee Castle
December 15: Dessert with Dickens A Christmas Carol with David Skipper at Cherokee Castle
December 16: Sinatra Sensation Stocking Stuffer at Cherokee Castle ...SOLD OUT
December 28: Highlands Ranch Historical Society sponsors an RTD Tour, Waitress at the Buell Theatre

December Cherokee Castle
Recurring Events

Holiday Teas at the Castle ...December 2, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12, 13, 14, 16, 19, 20, 21 & 28
Holiday Brunch at the Castle ...December 2, 9 & 16

For programs, concerts, teas and tours at Cherokee Castle, go to their the Castle website at http://cherokeeranch.org and check their Events page.
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ALSO ..don't forget to check the Around the West to find events outside of Douglas County.


The HDC 2018 Book-calendar was released on August 3rdStrife and Success is the third in the series of Telling the History of Douglas County. The 2018 Book-calendar provides insight to the about Douglas County during the first three decades of the twentieth cent, 1900 - 1930. Learn more about the 2018 Book-calendar and how to obtain one at 2018 Book-Calendar.

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November in Douglas County is the unique month of the year, serving as a Colorado dateline where things slow-down and other things speed-up. The month is that time when vegetation growth slows into its winter mode and wildlife quickly scurries to store their winter food supply or head south to leave the coming frigidness of winter. The year’s harvest has been reaped and stored and the pace of year seems to shift into a lower gear. October 9’s first of the season’s snowfall notified County residents that winter was just off stage awaiting cue. November hosts four widely recognized observances, possibly five if you count the sometimes unnerving event of “…falling back” to readjust from daylight to standard time, officially occurring at 2:00AM on November 5. Historical events-wise, begin to slow as the temperature cools. But, there still is a lot of events happening in and around Douglas County!

The Castle Rock Senior Activity Center gets the month of November rolling with its 25th Anniversary Craft Show Extraordinaire on November 4. Normally, Historic Douglas County (HDC) does not advertise craft shows on our website. However, we make an exception of this particular craft show. It is a big one and seems to grow every year. This year, all booth positions have been sold. HDC will have a booth at the show; and, if you haven’t already purchased the 2018 historic book-calendar, Strife and Success. Strife and Success covers Douglas County history in the 1900 – 1930 era. You can a brief overview at Strife and Success. Back to the Craft Show …if your looking for holiday decorations and gifts, the 25th Anniversary Craft Show Extraordinaire at the Douglas County Events Center is the place to go …mark your calendar …9:00AM – 4:00PM.

On Thursday, November 9, the Cherokee Ranch & Castle is doing a FREE lecture at the Castle, Discoveries at the Petrified Wood Forest of Cherokee Ranch. The large quantity of petrified wood on the Ranch property is not a well know fact.Also on Thursday evening, the 9th, Castle Rock Historical Society & Museum presents President of the Association of Northern Front Range Museums Mary Johnson as Mary Elitch. This presentation you will find extremely enjoyable and educational …yep, you made the connection, Elitch Gardens. Also, on November 12, the Castle Rock Writers group is holding a book signing for Douglas County at the Philip S. Miller Library in Castle Rock …replete with an English Tea and scones; check the Events Calendar.

On Saturday, November 11, up north in Arapahoe County, Cherry Creek Valley Historical Society (CCHSV) holds an Open House at Seventeen Mile House and Farm Park. CCVHS does a great job with these 17 Mile House open houses and if you miss this one, there’s December 2.
On November 13, Cherokee Ranch & Castle hosts a veterans’ program along with what seems like a live USO show, Vietnam War Dog Trainer Richard Claggett & the Beverly Bells. This will be a really neat event, providing a look at “nam and singers patterned after the Andrew Sisters. Also on Vetrans’ Day, November 11, Castle Rock Museum is hosting a Veterans’ Day Tribute and Closing Ceremonies for World War I Exhibit. The museum will have re-enacters for the closing event, celebrating the exhibit honoring the 100th anniversary of the United States involvement in World War. The museum’s celebration will be well worth your time …the museum does a great job in displaying our rich history.
Staying with the patriot program theme to celebrate our great veterans’, Highlands Ranch Historical Society hosts Dr. Robert Mallin in Guts and Glory: Modern Medicine and Surgery During the Civil War. If you haven’t seen Dr. Mallin in this insightful and fascinating program, it is a definite must …the date, the evening of November 20.

Down south of the border, Douglas County’s that is, Palmer Lake Historical Society hosts Jim Sawatski in a program, The Star on Sundance Mountain (November 16). Ah yes, the welcoming of the Christmas Season is in the air. The Castle Rock Chamber opens the Christmas also holds in Christmas Season hello with its annual Starlighting festivities on November 16 …2:00 – 7:00PM. Yep,’tis the season!

November is a historic and fun time in Douglas County. It is a time when the triad of patriotism, Thanksgiving and the kickoff of the always busy Christmas season come together. Let’s raise a glass and toast each …those who gave their lives and service for this Great Country in which we live, those who landed on our native shores and began the continued civilization of our Country and the Christmas Season for all peoples and religions of this Great Country. Enjoy November, a great time of year!

Enjoy November,
Jim Weglarz

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