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January 20: Dessert with Edgar Allen Poe ...at the Castle
January 21: Mary Todd Lincoln in person at Roxborough Area Historical Society
January 21: Highlands Ranch Historical Society presents Sheriff Kelly, El Paso County’s First Sheriff ...the Secret Scandal

Cherokee Castle
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Public Tours of the Castle: January 6, 18, 20 & 25

For programs, concerts, teas and tours at Cherokee Castle, go to their the Castle website at http://cherokeeranch.org and check their Events page.
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The HDC 2018 Book-calendar was released on August 3rdStrife and Success is the third in the series of Telling the History of Douglas County. The 2018 Book-calendar provides insight to the about Douglas County during the first three decades of the twentieth cent, 1900 - 1930. Learn more about the 2018 Book-calendar and how to obtain one at 2018 Book-Calendar.

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Whoa, folks! …Well, we made it though August, even with some of the naesayers predicting that our solar ellipse on August 21 was going to slow down the spinning of our planet! And, how ’bout our rain during the period of August’s southwestern monsoons? I can’t remember seeing Douglas County so green in August. The amounts of rain were a bit imbalanced between the northern and southern portions of our County, but all the life-giving moisture was appreciated.

We experienced an historic first in August in Douglas County. For the 2017-18 school season, public k-through-12 and charter schools started in the second week in August! I’ve talked with a number of folks who feel this was a good, well thought-out, positive move for our schools.

The first week of August was Douglas County Fair & Rodeo time and the occasion, measured by my eye-sizing of the many parking lots, a well attended event …despite Mother Nature given the fair and rodeo goers a bit of exercise in the dodging of rain drops. The Douglas County Fair is always a great time for Historic Douglas County, Inc. (HDC) since it has traditional been the release date of our annual calendar. HDC introduced our 2018 book-calendar, Strife and Success, the third in our series of five book-calendars (started in 2016); the 2018 edition of the book-calendars covers the 1900 to 1930 era. Take a bit more in-depth look at 2018 Book-calendar.

Congratulations to Roxborough Area Historical Society (RAHS) for their diligent filing work and the awarding of their efforts with a State Grant to restore the historic Roxborough Silca Kiln of the area’s silica brick history period. RAHS put a lot of work buried in their request. The grant that RAHS received is a matching grant. You can assist in helping RAHS reach their matching fund goal by going to ………….. Again, congratulations Roxborough; great work in preserving the history of the Roxborough community.

September is the entrance gate to the magnificent Fall Festivals in Colorado. The whole month of September celebrates Splendor in the Rockies in the Gunnison and Crested Butte areas. The Downtown Boulder Fall Festival is always an enticing event (September 15-17) …of course, not to be outdone, Denver revels with two rounds of Oktoberfest (September 22-23 and 29-30). September is time for Elk Fest in Estes Park as well as Mountain Harvest Festival in Paonia. And, if you really want to test the heat, Pueblo is the home of the Chile & Frijoles Festival! Check all of these great Colorado fall festivals and more at Colorado Fall Festivals.

Here in Douglas County the spurs of autumn begin to gently rake year’s passage. The preponderance of events focus and celebrate on the upcoming season. Time will tell how the heavier moisture we received in August impacts Mother Nature’s planned ambiance. At Cherokee Ranch & Castle (CR&C) you can always tell when fall is in the air by the regal elk bulls slipping into their bugling, a song of romance in their annual courting process. If you’ve never heard or witnessed this Elkian love call, you owe it to yourself; it can be spine-tingling. The CR&C folks do a nice job of hosting the public to making this elk bugling process available …three times in late September and twice in early October.

CR&C also continues its fine offerings of Public Tours throughout September as well as the Castle’s royal offerings of teas, brunches and Lunches on the Terrance as well as two of CR&C’s popular Arts Afield for all you professional and budding artists out there. One such event is at Cherokee’s Grand Canyon and the other at the Rattlesnake Road site. You can find all that is going on in the world of Cherokee Ranch & Castle by going directly to the Castle’s Event List.

2017 has been a year of memorable anniversaries for some of our historic venues. The 100th anniversary of the Louviers Village Club on August 26. This month on September 16, Castle Rock Historical Society & Musuem (CRHS&M) celebrate the Castle Rock Museum’s 20th Anniversary. This will be a fun event and a reunion of some view since most of the historical organizations from the County will be there. Mark this one on your calendar and come join the festivities.

Moving away from September events for a keep-an-eye-open news flash. Many residents in southern Douglas County have become recently concerned about what could become a water issue with the aquifers under the
Greenland Ranch Open Space. Recent meetings have been held about a plan to pump large quantities of water from the aquifers that might have impact on wells and source water in the southern part of the County. At this point, there are more questions than answers around who, why and where the water would be used. Keep in touch with this issue; it well could be the County’s next, difficult to explain political football!

Back to events in September… Parker Area Historical Society (PAHS) hosts Colorado author Joyce Lohse on September 12, presenting Spencer Penrose: Researching a Legacy. This PAHS program is a very interesting, educational and very enjoyable!

Castle Rock Historical Society & Museum hosts Denver Mountain Parks Foundation’s Chairman and Executive Director, W. Bart Berger, in a program about Denver’s Mountain Parks. This should be a really good program about the mountain parks that we don’t always associate with Denver.

The Highlands Ranch Metro District is hosting another of their enjoyable CHEESE RANCH: Families, Farming, and Fermentation events. This is an event for those of use “21 years of age and over,” celebrating the history and products of pioneer John Welte’s Big Dry Creek Cheese Ranch. Salute!

On September 20, Highlands Ranch Historical Society (HRHS) sponsors an RTD Tour, A CHORUS LINE at the ARVADA CENTER. HRHS’s RTD Tours have really become a big success item …they’re fun, inexpensive and really easy in which to participate. Also on September 20, Roxborough Area Historical Society hosts a Miksch Helmer Cabin Tour. This circa 1870 cabin was built by Amos C. Miksch. Miksch served as a private in the First Cavalry Regiment of the Colorado Volunteers and witnessed the Sand Creek Massacre. This cabin serves as a testament to the endurance of the immigrants who came to Colorado during its pioneer era.

There’s a couple events this September north and south of our Douglas County borders. Cherry Creek Valley Historical Society is hosting another Open House at Seventeen Mile House Farm Park. The Seventeen Mile House is just west and off Park Road and is very easy to access from metropolitan Denver. Down south just in El Paso County, Palmer Lake

Historical Society presents Gordon Anderson on Historic Homes of Colorado Springs. Anderson’s program is based on the book, Historic Homes of Colorado Springs and Vicinity.

I opened this September home page by addressing the fall festivals in Colorado. Well, we have a good one in Douglas County as well …The annual Colorado Agriculture Leadership Foundation’s Harvest Day at Lowell Ranch. This is a fun event for the whole family to get back to our County’s roots on the farm. Learn more about this annual event at Harvest Day.


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