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January 9: Roxborough Historical Society hosts
Early Travelers of the Front Range ...a living history presentation
January 11: Castle Rock Historical Society & Museum presents The Old Mining Town of Uravan
January 13: LIVE Bobby Messano - Baby It's Cold Outside at Cherokee Castle

Cherokee Castle
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Public Tours of the Castle: January 6, 18, 20 & 25

For programs, concerts, teas and tours at Cherokee Castle, go to their the Castle website at http://cherokeeranch.org and check their Events page.
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The HDC 2018 Book-calendar was released on August 3rdStrife and Success is the third in the series of Telling the History of Douglas County. The 2018 Book-calendar provides insight to the about Douglas County during the first three decades of the twentieth cent, 1900 - 1930. Learn more about the 2018 Book-calendar and how to obtain one at 2018 Book-Calendar.

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9.2016 Pres Home Page

September 2016 Home Page Header
September Quote by Oliver Wendell Holmes
It is September in Douglas County and Colorado with lots of history related and autumn festival events. Oliver Wendell Holmes may well have hit the nail on the head with his quote since autumn sure does seem in the air. While Mother Nature is mixing and painting colors on her vegetation canvass across the State, we humans are celebrating the coming of autumn just as fervently with celebration affairs and festivals on our event palates across the County and State.

September in ColoradoWhen one glances at the festivals across the State, one quickly realizes that there is no place like Colorado! How ’bout the ColorFest Weekend in Pagosa Springs or, perhaps, Splendor in the Rockies? The City of Boulder celebrates its FallFest and Oktoberfest takes place twice, September 23-25 and September30-October 2. Paonia hosts its Mountain Harvest Festival and, really put the spice in life, Pueblo hosts Chili & Frijoles,!September at the Douglas County Event Center 2016
Right here in Douglas County at the Fairgrounds Event Center, it is fairly crazy with events as well! Just a few of those in September are the Fly’n Paws Dog Agility trials, the Alpaca Farm Show, Boy Scout Troup #780 Chili Cook Off, the Colorado Arabian Horse Show, a Dressage Show and what else but a Bourbon & Beer Fest! Wow! And, that’s not all… Wow!

Well, let’s get to talking about historical events… Before addressing this great historic event month of September, let me mention a couple of items. First and historically speaking, August was a month for a huge number of events, the biggest of which was the Douglas County Fair & Rodeo. Now I am not going to attempt to recap each of the events for the month past but will offer you the picture below to give you a flavor as to what happened in August. “They” say, a picture is worth a thousand words. I think theAugust 2016 in Douglas Countypicture is appropriate …and, you get the idea that a lot happened in the month of August. I was thinking; wouldn’t this picture make a heck of a jigsaw puzzle? By the way, for those you didn’t get a chance to attend this year’s Douglas County Fair & Rodeo, you can get a flavor of the event(s) by clicking on 2016 Douglas County Fair & Rodeo or by going to HDC’s Picture Galleries on this website.

Rox Book Release Plate 1
HDC Bk-Cal Release Plate 2
HR Book Release Plate 4

It has been a busy summer for historical organizations publishing as you can see by scrolling down the pictures to the left. Roxborough Area Historical Society was the first to release a new Arcadia published book, Images of America – Roxborough on June 4 at the Roxborough Art Fair. Then, in August at the Douglas County Fair & Rodeo saw three more new publications came center stage. Historic Douglas County, Inc. HDC introduced their new book-calendar for 2017, The Early Years. The Early Years is the second in HDC’s planned five year

series of telling the history of Douglas County (See 2017 Book-Calendar. Larkspur Historical Society also released a their new booklet at the Fair, “Walking Back in Time, a pictorial rendition of the Town of Larkspur’s historical structures. Highlands Ranch Historical Society (HRHS) displayed their new Arcadia book …officially speaking, Images of America – Highlands Ranch will be released at HRHR’s September program on September 19. Good work by all of the researchers and writers involved in these documents. Oh gosh! I’d better get on with September’s events…CRHS Program Behind the Lines September 11, 2016

Castle Rock Historical Society Behind the LInes. If you are a World War II history buff, you’ll love this program about Belgium between 1914 and 1918.Cherokee Castle A Wake, A Mistake & A Wedding Cake 9.11.2016Cherokee Ranch & Castle follows CRHS’s wa-recovery program with a musical, A Wakq, A Mistakq & A Wedding Cake on the 19th. (No, the “q” in what-should-be “Wake” and “Mistake” is not the latter.) HRHS A Taste of Argentine Tango 2016Elk Bugling at the Castle 2016And, following A Wakq, A Mistakq & A Wedding Cake on the 14th. and 15th., respectively, the Castle features A Taste of Argentine Tango and Elk Bugling at theColorado Inventions and Inventors Castle. The latter, I suppose, could also be called a musical of sort… Elk Bugling at the Castle is a series program hosted by the Castle, occurring again on September 21 and 28, as well as on October 5. On September 30, Cherokee Castle is holding its last show of its summer film series; the last film being A Small Good Thing.

Down south of the Douglas County border, Palmer Lake Historical Society in El Paso County is presenting Author William (Bill) Reich in Colorado Inventions and Inventors of the 19th Century. For the last twenty years Bill has been researching historic industries of Colorado and has written several books on the subject. This program is also on September 15.

Cheese Ranch 2016Highlands Ranch Metro District is sponsoring another Families, Farming & Fermintation on September 16. This program was a highly successful program whenLHS 2016 Open Houses held last year …who knows? This program may become an annual!

September 17 sees two open houses being conducted one “up north,” as we say, and one “down south,” Cherry Creek Valley Historical Society is holding one at the 17 Mile House and Larkspur Historical Society is holding one at Greenland School. If you don’t mindHRHS Images of America the driving, you might be able to attend both! Check out the Events Calendar for exact times.

The week of September 19, Highlands Ranch Historical Society has two events. The first on Monday evening, September 19, Images of America: Highlands Ranch. This is the program noted as theirHRHS Cherokee Castle Tour September 22, 2016official book release” as I mentioned earlier on this Homepage. The second event, September 22, is a HRHS sponsored HRHS Tour of Cherokee Ranch Castle. Both of these HRHS events require registration so check the Events Calendar for details and registration links.

CRHS Walking Tour September 24, 2014Castle Rock conducts a Historic Castle Rock Walking Tour. If you haven’t been on one of these informative walks, now’s the time.RAHS Riverside Cemetery Tour

On Sunday, September 25, Roxborough Area Historical Society sponsors a Riverside Cemetery Field Trip. Very knowledgeable Garry O’Hara leads this tour. Garry knows both Riverside and Fairview Cemeteries like the back of his hand. This should be a really good tour.

CALF Sept 2016 Events Colorado Agriculture Leadership Foundation (CALF) has two big events during the month of September. On September 24, CALF is holding it’s annual Harvest Day at the Lowell Ranch south of Castle Rock off of the I-25 east frontage road. Five days later at Mike Ward’s Infiniti Complex in Highlands Ranch, there’s a pork and wine testing event, Cork and Pork. This fabulous event benefits CALF’s city to ranch programs. Learn more about both at CALF’s website.

So, there you go folks, the historical events for September. July and August calendars for Douglas County historical events were loaded! Now, as we approach the Autumnal Equinox (Thursday, September 22, 2016 at 8:21:00 AM – Denver time), the number of historical events in Douglas County traditional tend to taper-off. This year, the same is true …BUT, not by much! Well, as said, that’s September. Let’s take a look at sports; we have a lot to talk about.
Weglarz's Wise Words on Sports in the Summer

DENVER BRONCOS: We have found a QB …Trevor Siemian!?! The Mark Sanchez experiment did not work out, despite the fact that Mark had every opportunity to win the QB contest. Trevor played well against the LA Rams, the questionable interception that appears to have gotten him benched would have been a TD had he thrown the ball another 3-4 feet. We’ll find out if Sanchez is cut outright, if so, could save $3.5 million in cap space! The “Pirate” Lynch looks like the real deal but needs time to learn …we’ll see? Give the $$$ to Emanual Sanders, he plays EVERY play! Thursday night, September 8, could be a “barn burner in Denver …get your beer and snacks ready; the game will be very INTERESTING! This year the predictions will be month to month…for the first 4 games (1st quarter of the season) …2 and 2?

DENVER NUGGETS: Toss up season! Do the young guys learn quickly OR is this another “rebuilding year?”

COLORADO AVALANCHE: Thursday, August 11, one shoe fell with a big THUD! … Coach Patrick Roy, unexpectedly resigned as Coach, and VP of hockey operations. If you read the Denver Post article, by Terry Frei on Friday, August 12, you can read between the lines: there was a serious difference of opinion re: the direction of the Avalanche. “St Patrick” wanted significant changes, Sakic (?) and Josh Kroenke felt otherwise. Roy is a Type A competitor, losing does not fit his style (kind of like Elway). The past two seasons have been hard on Roy, and he felt the team was NOT improving. Coach Roy felt “Not my style; I’m moving on!” What direction will the Avs go? …hire a coach from the Junior Division? Possibly! Jared Bednar might be a good guy but will he survive at this level? One thing is for sure; he comes to the AVS “on the cheap!”

COLORADO ROCKIES: THE TEASERS …that’s the best way that I can describe the Rockies for 2016! Just when you think they are on the road to ruin, they bounce back! Just when you think they are reaching into contention, they fall on their face! After climbing above .500 on August 3, the Rocks go on a 6-15 tear that leaves them 8 games below .500! With roughly 30 games left in the season, and many of those games against West Division foes, the odds are not looking good for the Rockies to finish at or above .500. Remembering that the Rocks have lost 90+ games for the past 5 years, this year is Great! Have they made strides? Maybe …the starting pitching has been better than the past 6 years. Unfortunately, the bullpen has been terrible. The “old” guys Motte and Magee, that were brought in for “stability” have been terrible. The Rockies regular lineup is better than 90% from other teams, but it all boils down to pitching; and, the Rockies have failed to uncover that “secret! We’ve seen glimpses but not consistency. Maybe next year?

RIO’S SUMMER OLYMPICS Short, and mostly sweet, Recap…– KUDOS to most of the USA Olympians; they had a great showing! Phelps, Ledecky, Biles and many of the swimmers and Track and Field athletes were outstanding! Sorry to say the Rio Olympics will be remembered for the UGLY AMERICANS! Hope Solo and Ryan Lochte receive a LIFETIME BAN for their boorish, unprofessional and embarrassing behavior! SHAME ON BOTH OF THEM!

Well, that’s it from my sports perspective. Now on to attending “real live” history events in Douglas and surrounding counties.

See ya’ out there,
Jim Weglarz

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