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January 9: Roxborough Historical Society hosts
Early Travelers of the Front Range ...a living history presentation
January 11: Castle Rock Historical Society & Museum presents The Old Mining Town of Uravan
January 13: LIVE Bobby Messano - Baby It's Cold Outside at Cherokee Castle

Cherokee Castle
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Public Tours of the Castle: January 6, 18, 20 & 25

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Mar 16 Pres Mssg Inc.

March HeaderOH MY GOODNESS! IT’S MARCH!. With such a proclamation, one wonders exactly happened to the month of February. Well, not to be overly cavalier, but the month of February is history! And, let me take a couple of minutes and reflect on the history makings of the month in and around Douglas County and Colorado…
February Reflections 2016Historically speaking program-wise, February was a good month, starting out the month by Douglas County Libraries featuring a A Program by Author Jon Meacham and Cherokee Ranch & Castle presenting The Chocolate Therapist at the Castle. Also the first week of February, Douglas County Libraries Archivist Shaun Boyd regaled the Elbert County Historical Museum with Tales from the Archives.

The second week of February was filled with birds, love and blues… Yes, Parker Area Historical Society presented Owls and Fowls in Douglas County. Castle Rock Historical Society and Museum held a Love is in the Air session, featuring Valentines of yesteryear. And, blues-wise, Cherokee Ranch & Castle hosted the Afrosippi Blues Band in a musical program labeled Valentine Blues.

We finished February with a bit of a military theme. Highlands Ranch Historical Society presented The Birth of Liberty and the US Military with guest speaker Ben Martin. And, down south of our Douglas County border, Palmer Lake Historical Society featured an educational program by Benny Nasser, Young Boys That Fought in the Civil War. Like I said, historically, February was a really good month!

February Reflections 2016 WeatherWeather-wise, how could any place beat Douglas County for beautiful weather in February …70’s! Just how Mother Nature draw the line to our east and wallop the midwest, southeast and northeast with winter’s fury and leave lovely Douglas County relatively untouched with the exception of beautiful sunshine, although maybe a bit too much breeze and wind at times …but, with weather like we received, who’s complaining. The next thing we know, we’ll have palm trees starting to sprout along the Front Range! Maybe that’s a bit to much; however, when the dinosaurs roamed what would be the Front Range, there were plenty of palm trees and rain forest ferns …but, that’s been a while.

February Reflections Super Bowl 50Now I’m getting a bit ahead of my normal Wise Words sports column at the bottom of this home page, but How ’bout those Broncos? Well, I will save my comments about the performance and future of the Denver Broncos until my sports section. However, you must admit, the Broncos performance was certainly history making!

Okay, let’s launch into the month of March! I am talking about history events in March. Like February, March is going to be a really good month.Trails to InterstateLarkspur Historical SocietyTrails to Interstate: Transportation Systems Across the Arkansas/Platte Divide. This is a unique for Larkspur Historical Society (LHS). Since it’s formation in 1990, LHS has been primarily a project oriented society with few programs. However, for 2016, LHS is planning on doing programs once a quarter. Keep watching for them on our monthly Events Calendar.

Cherokee Ranch & Castle - Fulfill Your DestinyCherokee Ranch & Castle is having a March 10 program featuring spiritual mentor, author and inspirational speaker Deb Sheppard in Fulfill Your Destiny. In addition to their March 10 program, Cherokee Ranch & Castle is also doing a number of teas and tours. Check them out by going to Cherokee Ranch & Castle Website and clicking on their “Events” page.

Castle Rock Silet Movies Program March 10, 2016Also on March 10, and this at the Phillip S. Miller Library in Castle Rock, Castle Rock Historical Society is tickling your fancy with a A Tribute to Silent Movies. Men, put on your bowler hats and, ladies, your flappers and head prepare to revel in Buster Keaton and some Oscar trivia. I’ve been told that Robert Redford will not be attending.

Telling the History - RAHSNow speaking of actors and actresses takes me to stories. Historic Douglas County, Inc. (HDC) board members and Douglas County Libraries’ archivist Blake Gramham will be Telling the History of Douglas County for Roxborough Area Historic Society. HDC’s Jim Weglarz, Tim Weber and Larry Schlupp will be telling the story of In the Beginning. Telling the History is the story behind the making of the 2016 Douglas County Historic Calendar …and also features a few of the monthly stories that are included in the calendar.

PAHS Mar 2016 ProgramParker Area Historical Society lets us know when spring is coming with their Native Colorado Plants in your Garden and Landscape. At the time of this president’s message publication, midnight-February 29, the date for this program is not posted as firm on the Parker Area Historical Society website. Keep checking the Events Calendar for a date and time on this one.

Palmer Lake 3.17.16 ProgramDown south of the Douglas County County border, Palmer Lake Historical Society is firing up March for all of you automobile enthusiasts. Dwight Haverkorn is giving a program entitled Early Automobiles in the Pikes Peak Region. This should be a really neat program. It is on March 17, 2016 at the Town Hall in Palmer Lake. I remember reading somewhat about the old Territorial Road back when it was first build in the early 1860s. The author commented about the trip by automobile from Denver to Colorado Springs as a “three tire trip! Yep, things have changed a bit.

Mary Cornish's 100th Birthday CelebrationOn March 19, 2016, Sedalia Museum & Gardens is sponsoring the celebration of well-known artist Mary Cornish with festivities for Mary Cornish’s 100th Birthday. This should be a gala event. Mary Cornish is so well known around the County that you can’t miss this one. You’ll likely meet some folks from around the whole County that you haven’t seen for a while! Mark it down on your “to do” calendar …Saturday, March 19 at the Sedalia Fire House training room.

Yep, March is the month that spring nears (we hope!) and programs and history events really get rolling. Numerous items get entered into our HDC Events Calendar during the month …so, keep checking it periodically.

In my February message, I mentioned that the annual National History Day Colorado is coming to Denver on March 12!. This contest is National History Day Colorado 2014for the Greater Denver Metropolitan Area and is a really good event. The event has grown significantly over the years as a regional contest of the National History Day program in Colorado. The reason I am re-mentioning this event is that, with the growth, the coordinators are running short of judges for the various contests. There is still time to sign-up if you wish. Click on Judges. Judging does take the greater part of a day …but, I guarantee you, you will enjoy it.

Okay, let’s talk some sports…

Weglarz's Wise Words
World Champion Broncos 2016DENVER BRONCOS …Champions of the World! The Broncos won Super Bowl 50 for their third Super Bowl trophy. The game was not very pretty, but the Denver “D” was outstanding. Cam Newton had the same experience as did Tom Brady two weeks earlier, leaving after the game was over, bruised and beaten!

John Elway will have to provide some financial magic to keep the team intact. The Broncos have roughly fifteen free agents …and, that “assumes” that Manning retire …which he will! It will be very interesting at Bronco Headquarters! If anyone can keep this operation together, its Elway. If John is successful, …perhaps …just perhaps, another Super Bowl win!

NUGGETS …It is very apparent that this is a rebuilding year, shuffle some older players off the team, add some young depth, and maybe, in 1 to 2 years, we’ll have a very competitive team. Perhaps…?

DENVER AVALANCHE …eighteen games left, and the Avs are on the playoff bubble …not very reassuring, is it? The Avs have consistently under performed …why? Who really knows the answer to that question? It must be very frustrating for Sakic and Roy; they are not used to this type of hockey! Right now, the best the Avs could do for playoff seeding is #7, although #8 is more likely. Maybe this is the plan since the Avs road record is better than at the Pepsi Center!

COLORADO ROCKIES …Hope springs eternal in Spring Training, when all the teams are 0 – 0. The Rocks have averaged 93 losses in each of the past five seasons, a .500 team would be major improvement! The Rocks did not have any blockbuster moves in the off season. They picked up a few more bullpen pitchers, which they dearly need with their starting rotation! You never know, but how many fans would head to Coors Field to watch a winning team? As usual, we’ll wait and see on July 4th!

CU BUFFALOS …Forget about what you read in the Denver Post, the Buffs are “on the bubble! If they doCSU Women's Basletball poorly in the Pac 12 tourney, they’re out. If they win at least two games, they’re in. One thing I have noticed in the past two months, there are NO clear cut favorites for the NCAA title. This year’s March Madness has at least 10 to 12 possible “winner=take-all” teams – not the norm. This should be one very entertaining tournament!

COLORADO STATE WOMEN …not much press, but the Lady Rams are 26 – 1! Talk about being dissed! It appears the analysts are not very much impressed with women’s basketball in the West. Let’s hope the Lady Rams show everyone that they are a quality team, and go deep into the tournament!

Well, that’s about all I have to say for March,
Jim Weglarz

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