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January 18: Palmer Lakes Historical Society's (PLHS) Annual Potluck Dinner and Membership Meeting
January 19: Highlands Ranch Historical Society hosts The Denver Mob Tour
January 20: Dessert with Edgar Allen Poe ...at the Castle
January 21: Mary Todd Lincoln in person at Roxborough Area Historical Society
January 21: Highlands Ranch Historical Society presents Sheriff Kelly, El Paso County’s First Sheriff ...the Secret Scandal

Cherokee Castle
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Public Tours of the Castle: January 6, 18, 20 & 25

For programs, concerts, teas and tours at Cherokee Castle, go to their the Castle website at http://cherokeeranch.org and check their Events page.
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April 2016 Header
It is April, 2016! Court JesterSometimes it is really difficult to figure out how fast time passes. It seems as only a couple of days ago when we were watching on television the crystal ball drop in New York’s Times Square. No April Fooling by the ole court jester this year. I don’t think he has time for April pranks this year since he spent most of his time working in March on our weather! After March’s weather, I don’t know if he’s sticking around for April. We can do no more than just ask about April, “What will April bring?” Well, since I am writing this piece for April at the end of March, I do know what March looked like in and around Douglas County! For a recap, let’s talk about the March events that celebrated history…

CollageProgram-wise, Larkspur Historical Society (LHS) led-off the month with an extremely insightful program by authors and producers Lee and Jane Whiteley, Trails to Interstate: Transportation Systems Across the Arkansas/Platte Divide. This was a “first for LHS …read more about it on our News Webpage.

PAHS Mar 2016 ProgramWith the weather what is was in March, it must have inspired Parker Area Historical Society’s (PAHS) program, Calling All Green Thumbs! Master gardener Beth Scott excited the audience with spring fever in talking about native plants, grasses and trees. PAHS was right-on for March since the month hosted both St. Patrick’s Day and the astronomical coming of spring …some of us still aren’t recovered from “Springing Forward” and losing a clock hour with the entrance of Daylight Savings Time!

Castle Rock Silet Movies Program March 10, 2016Douglas County Libraries held two interesting, educational programs in March with Northstar: the Life of Frederick Douglass and Human Rights and Immigration and partnered for a third program with Roxborough Chatauqua, Mindfulness. Castle Rock Historical Society provided A Tribute to Silent Movies. I know what your thinking and the answer is “No.” People were talking during the program and there was not a piano or an organ playing in the background!

Cherokee Ranch & Castle - Fulfill Your DestinyCherokee Ranch and Castle sponsored spiritual mentor, author and inspirational speaker Deb Sheppard presenting Fulfill Your Destiny and the program introduced most of us to a new word, “synchronicities!” If you weren’t at the Fulfill Your Destiny program at the Castle, I will let you Google synchronicities.

Palmer Lake 3.17.16 ProgramSedalia held Mary Cornish’s 100th. Birthday Celebration in March and Palmer Lake Historical Society, down south of the Douglas County border, presented a interesting, back-to-an-earlier-time program by Dwight Haverkorn, Early Automobiles in the Pikes Peak Region. Squeeze the rubber ball and the horn goes “Donk …Donk.

Highlands Ranch Historical Society brought James Toepfer, the first President of the Colorado Division of Mission Viejo, to the Highlands Ranch Mansion for Birth Of The Master Planned Community. Talk about a popular subject …the program Sold Out!

Telling the History - RAHSLastly in March, Historic Douglas County, Inc. did another program of Telling the History of Douglas County …this time for Roxborough Area Historical Society. That reminds me, we still have a few copies of In the Beginning, our 2016 historical calendar. If you haven’t bought one yet and want one, click on 2016 Calendar. I can’t believe the number of programs! We had a ton of programs in March! Let’s get to April before this page expires…

Honey Bee Seminar - CALF April 2 2016No, those are not a couple of spacemen to the right. It’s a couple folks in total protection veil and coverall suits for beekeepers. On April 2, Brooke Fox and the gang at Colorado Agriculture Leadership Foundation (CALF) are featuring Steve Lechner, owner of Busy Bee Farm, for an educational seminar on beekeeping, Honey Bee Seminar. If you are interested in becoming a beekeeper or are a beekeeper and would like to learn a bit more, go to Honey Bee Seminar to sign-up.

Deena Coutant, DNA Professional GenealogistDouglas County Libraries is doing a series of genealogy programs (three-part) in April, Genealogy DNA Series, with well-known professional genealogist Deena Coutant. This event, although free, requires registration. Family genealogy is really a “hot ticket” as of late so sign-up as soon as possible. Go to Douglas County Libraries …April 14, 21 and 28.

Scotch at Cherokee Castle April 2016April 14 is a busy day for events! In addition to the Douglas County Libraries genealogy part-one program, Cherokee Ranch and Castle features A Flavor Journey around Scotland. Obviously, Ed Sardella - CRHS April 6, 2016this is a 21-and-over program and involves single malt Scotch whisky education and tasting. If you consider yourself a connoisseur of fine Scotch whiskies, this program is a must for you. Castle Rock Historical Society (CRHS) presents another “must see program” on the same evening …so, you are going to need to make a choice. CRHS is hosting renowned broadcaster and former KUSA Channel 9 News anchorman Ed Sardella in Interesting News Stories Over The Decades. Like I said, you are going to need to make a choice …do you have a shiny new quarter?

Purely Patsy at the CastleApril features a couple more same-day multiple entertainment events. The next multiple is on April 16. This day is a musical day and the good news is that you can make both events since Highlands Ranch Historical Society (HRHS) sponsors a superb musical performance at the Lone Tree Arts Center, Broadway Favorites in the afternoon, starting at 1:30 PM. And, Cherokee Ranch and Castle has an evening event, Purely Patsy, a great Patsy Cline show featuring well-known Colorado native and signing artist, Kelley Zinge. Yes, you can do both and don’t need to use your shiny quarter again.

PLHS April 2016 Spinning in the Western RegionWhile folks are signing-up for all these great programs in Douglas County, down south of the Douglas County border in Palmer Lake, the Palmer Lake Historical Society is going to be spinning with Charlease Elzenga-Bobo “spinning” the story of Spinning in the Western Region. Yes, this is on April 21, another multiple day for programming. This spinning program at Palmer Lake or the genealogy program at the Highlands Ranch Library, mentioned above. You are going to need that shiny quarter for April 21’s program selection since these two programs are both in the evening.

Jon PreistOn April 27, Wednesday night, Cherokee Ranch and Castle presents A Night with the Coroner. This is a good program, check the Events Calendar for more details. This Night with the Coroner program is about a fascinating Father’s Day story …gosh, I am sounding a bit macabre now, aren’t I?

On April 30, the Eastern Colorado Historic Societies and Museums will be holding their spring conference. The spring conference will be held in Hugo, Colorado this year at the Eastern Trails Museum and Cultural Arts Center. This conference is limited to members only and their guests.

When I write this monthly “Home” page, I always wind-up saying “Wow!” …there is always a lot to do, historical event speaking, in and around Douglas County, Colorado! I do have one more item I want to mention, again historically speaking.Roxborough Area Historical Society Does Book Roxborough Area Historical Society will have a new Arcadia book coming out in June! This book, covering the Roxborough area, is really something for which you will want to watch. If you would like to know more about the to-be-soon-released book and view a bit more detail of the picture on the right, go to our News Webpage; the Roxborough book is one of the recent articles.

Well, again, there is much going on in Douglas County in April. But now, let’s talk sports for a moment…

Jim Weglarz
Weglarz's Wise Words

Broncos 2016 QuestionBRONCOS: It has been a very interesting seven weeks after the Broncos won Super Bowl 50! Here are the free agents that departed: Malik Jackson (overpaid by Jacksonville), Brock Osweiler (way overpaid by Houston), Danny Trevathan (fair deal from the Bears), David Bruton (fair deal from Redskins). Outright released by the Broncos: RT – Harris, TE – Daniels, G – Mathis and G – Vasquez to free up cap space. More in limbo: T – Ryan Clady? CJ Anderson was brought back at huge $$$! Let’s hope this works out?

Quarterback Mark Sanchez signed as relatively free agent … I like this move. A fraction of the cost of Osweiler, and a veteran quarterback who did cartwheels when he heard the news. If attitude is important, Sanchez is already a winner for the Broncos. My personal opinion is that Elway should stay away from Colin Kapernick of the 49ers: Kapernick’s 28 years old, suffered two injuries last year and has a questionable attitude. Roll the dice with Sanchez and our rookie Trevor Simian; let’s be real about 2015, at best the Bronco quarterback’s would be rated a ‘C’ grade. Start with our (2) present quarterbacks and see if the Broncos can draft another rookie with potential.

Elway has already improved the “O” line with two free agent tackles, move Sambraillo to Guard with Garcia, and “Presto,” the Broncos have a rebuilt offensive line. Save the $$$ from Osweiler to use for drafting some good “D” line and linebackers! Let’s give Elway the opportunity to move forward!

NUGGETS: This season they’re definitely in “Rebuilding Mode!” You have to like the look of the present roster; the Nuggets are very young with the exception of Wilson Chandler, who has been injured the past two seasons. PLUS, the Nuggets may have three (3) first round picks in the NBA draft later this year; that could be interesting! Coach Malone has the team headed in the right direction; they need a couple of more “Playmakers” to break through in the very difficult Western Conference!

AVALANCHE: Can you shout “D-IS-A-P-P-O-I-N-T-I-N-G?” With only a handful of games left, it looks like the Avs will miss the NHL playoffs for the second year in a row. Why? I don’t know if Sakic and Roy can answer this. The local sports people are scratching their heads. Should the Avs scramble the roster and go into rebuild mode? Who knows, but this team is not heading in the competitive direction!

ROCKIES: Will this be another heart breaking season? The Rockies always seem to look pretty good in Spring Training and the month of April. Its maintaining a winning season that has been elusive for too long! Will this be the year to break even at .500 or maybe a few wins more? Hope springs eternal!

Like always, the hopes of the Rockies seems to shift towards the starting pitchers. Jon Gray looks to be headed for the disabled list to start the season. There are far more questions than answers for Gray! It does appear that the Rocks have improved the bullpen …but, will it be enough? It appears the Rockies have a solid line-up; so as usual, it will come down to the pitching – wait and see!

2016 Dinal FourNCAA Tournament: Colorado Buffs men’s team were “One and Done!” Don’t feel too bad, the entire Pac 12 teams, with the exception of Oregon, were also “One and Done.” So much for the East Coast bias; it certainly proved correct this year! Final Four …UNC (favorite), Syracuse (where did they come from?), Villanova (in the Finals?), and Oklahoma (or, should we say Buddy Hield and the others?) Hield’s the probable #1 selection in the NBA Draft and he deserves it! Too much time in between the Elite 8 and the Final Four. Why is there a full week in between?

CSU Lady Rams: Another “One and Done!” With the exception of Stanford (perennial power) and Washington (out of the woods?), the Western teams cannot compete with the tougher Eastern teams. AND, it appears no one can beat UCONN …unbelievable multiple season win streak and another likely NCAA title. UCONN has recruited the best female basketball talent for the past 10 years …not fair in some people’s opinion!

THE MASTERS: For those who love the little white ball, it is that time of year for to see the dogwoods, magnolias and azaleas in Augusta, Georgia. Tournament begins April 7 and runs through April 10 …drop dead gorgeous scenery!

Well again, have a great April,
and keep thinking about my sports analysis,

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